• Female
  • Age TBA
  • 19# 
  • Eye eval pending, Dental surgery pending
  • Adoption donation $TBA


  Birmingham, Alabama

Meet Hannah! Hannah is another one of the 4 Cavaliers that we took in from the Charlotte, North Carolina hoarding situation. On October 5th Hannah underwent her intake vetting. October 12th, she will undergo her ophthalmology consultation.
Hannah is suffering from hair loss, thickened calloused skin, and secondary infection due to the poor living environment she was in including being infested with fleas. We are treating her skin as well as her ears which are some of the worst ears we have seen 💔 She is suffering with severe and painful infection that has extended deep into the inner ear - it’s like the poor girl has sewerage pouring out of her ear. If she doesn’t feel poorly enough, she also has a bad urinary tract infection that we are treating her for.
Her eyes are also a mess and we won’t know what all we are dealing with until she meets with our ophthalmologist tomorrow. She didn’t produce any tears on her tear test and has a whole lot of pigmentary keratitis and secondary infection and inflammation. Her left eye is “shrunken” and we don’t know if it is salvageable. She doesn’t have any vision out of either eye at this time. Of course we hope we can change that for her.
We don’t know how old Hannah is and it is hard to “age” because of the severe neglect but we will ask our ophthalmologist to take a stab at aging her tomorrow.
Hannah is the sweetest girl who loves to just curl up in your lap 💕 She is very friendly, loving, and affectionate and enjoying all the love and attention she is getting. Hannah is being fostered in Birmingham, Alabama.


Because Hannah’s severe dental disease was contributing to issues and inflammation of her right eye, our ophthalmologist recommended that we go ahead and take care of her dental needs now so we can properly and effectively treat her eyes. So earlier this week she underwent her dental with extractions and is resting and recovering well in her foster home in Birmingham, Alabama. She will return to the ophthalmologist this upcoming Monday for a recheck where we hope to see some improvement and reduced inflammation of her right eye. If so, she will become a candidate for cataract surgery and vision should be recovered in that eye 🤞🏻In the meantime, her ear infections, skin infections, and urinary tract infections have all been effectively treated and cleared so she is well underway to feeling like a new gal 💕 We will continue to keep you posted on her progress 💜