• Male
  • Age  9  (DOB 3/10/2012)
  • 24# 
  • Health MVD managed with daily meds, loose knee
  • Adoption donation $350


McKinney, Texas

 Montgomery, Alabama

🏑 Someone home much of the day/ low alone hours
🐢 Canine companion of similar size & temperament preferred
πŸ’œ Older, gentle children okay
🚘 Reasonable distance to veterinary cardiologist

We welcomed 9 year old Happy (DOB 3/10/2012) into our care back in May when he was surrendered by his family. We were told a member of the family became allergic to him. He arrived with severely neglected medical issues that we have now addressed and that are well managed. Despite the medical neglect and being given up by his family, Happy has remained true to his name - he is a happy guy who will bring so much love and happiness to his perfect furever family.
Happy came to us intact, with dental disease, horribly infected ears, and bacterial and fungal skin infections. His skin and ear infections responded well to treatment and all his labwork including his fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis and bloodwork came back normal and negative. Happy was then able to undergo his neuter and dental. Happy is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. Because his past ear infections, Happy needs his ears cleaned twice weekly to control any bacterial and fungal growth.
A significant heart murmur was detected at his intake vetting so Happy met with our cardiologist for a full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram. Happy's heart murmur is due to mitral valve disease (MVD) which of course plagues the breed and is to be expected for a 9 year old Cavalier. His faulty mitral valve has caused some changes to the left side of his heart, specifically enlargement of his left ventricle. To help slow down any further progress of the mitral valve disease, Happy has started on 2 heart medications which he takes twice a day (cost is about $25/month). It is important that Happy remains under the care of a veterinary cardiologist so that any progression of the disease can be best monitored and managed. He is due back for a recheck echocardiogram in March 2022 to see how well he is responding to the current medications/dosages.
Happy also has a left luxating patella ("loose" knee), also a common cavalier congenital issue. It does not affect his mobility and does not cause him any discomfort. To ensure this knee doesn't give him any problems, Happy takes a daily joint supplement chew, is maintained at his ideal, lean weight, and is discouraged from doing any jumping (like on and off furniture) or strenuous activity.
Happy has a larger build and is at his ideal weight of 24 pounds. He eats his strictly portioned Fromm kibble meals twice per day and like most Cavaliers, is a food enthusiast! He loves his meals and treats and puts on a show when it's time to eat with lots of dancing, twirling, and singing! He is a good eater and always licks his bowl clean. His family must be committed to continuing his strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and daily activity/exercise to ensure he stays at his ideal weight and best health, especially for his heart and knee.
Happy came to us intact which meant some initial marking but that has since diminished since his neuter. Happy is doing wonderful with his potty training as long as he is given frequent opportunities outside to be successful - being taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between. Happy will not signal or alert you that he needs to potty, so it is important that his humans take the initiative to take him out regularly and frequently. If he isn't up for getting up to go out, sometimes he may need to be carried out but is great about doing his business once he is outside. Because Happy is food motivated, a high value treat immediately following good potty behavior will be a great way to reinforce and reward. Although Happy is reliable in his foster home, please know that accidents are always to be expected, especially initially while he transitions and learns a new environment and routine.
Happy's foster family describes him as "the sweetest boy ever!" His name definitely suits him as he is always happy! But, he is happiest when he is with his person. He is a real snuggle bug and being close to you isn't good enough - he likes to be touching you, or even better smooshed up against you. If you care about having any personal space, then Happy is not the dog for you.
At 9 years old, Happy enjoys plenty of down time and spends much of his day following his foster mom around the house and catching up on cav-naps. He is a wonderful sidekick and loves to accompany his foster mom when she runs errands. Car rides are one of his absolute favorite things and he heads straight to the car whenever he is let out in hopes of going for a ride. On the weekends you can spot him at Home Depot helping his foster mom with projects. Since he is so well behaved and well socialized it is easy for him to join you whenever and wherever he is welcome, and he certainly appreciates the invitation!
Happy is a mild, laid back guy who is enjoying a leisurely lifestyle in his foster home. His foster mom works from home so he spends part of the day in the home office where his spot is right under her desk. He takes frequent trips outside in the fenced yard for pottying and fresh air. Of course meal time is the highlight of his day, as is a car ride, and quality cuddle time with his person.
During the short periods of time when no humans are home, Happy has free roam of his safe and puppy proofed foster home along with his Cavalier foster siblings. He does well when left for short periods of time. He does not need to be strictly confined, like in a crate, and we do not recommend that he is. Happy is happiest being with his people though and so we are seeking a home where someone can be with him much of the day and where he will have low alone time.
At night, Happy sleeps in the big bed with his humans and Cavalier foster siblings. He sleeps soundly cuddled up close to his foster mom. He uses a pet ramp to safely access on and off the bed which is important given his luxating patella. Since he is cuddled close and feels safe and sound, he doesn't wake up or get restless during the night. We feel he would be upset or stressed being asked to sleep apart from his people so we are seeking a family who will invite him into the big bed with them and welcome his sweet snuggles.
Happy shares his foster home with other Cavaliers and gets along well with them. That said, he is all about his person and more focused on his relationship with his humans than with the other dogs. He does not engage in any play or activity with the other dogs but certainly enjoys their companionship, specifically for when his human may not be home or available. We feel he could do well as an only dog only if he could be with his person most all of the time, otherwise we feel he would do best with another mild mannered, laid back adult Cavalier or other dog of similar size and temperament. Happy has met cats while in foster care and was disinterested. He would do fine with a dog friendly feline furiend.
Happy appears to be well socialized with people and is always tail wagging and happy to meet and engage with anyone who shows him gentle love and attention. He has had opportunities to interact with older children and does wonderfully. We believe he would thrive and be happy in an adult only home or a home with older, gentle children.
Most importantly, Happy needs a family who has the time to shower him with love and attention so we are seeking a home where someone can be with him most of the day and where he would have low alone time. He very much wants to be a part of the family and included in every way so he would love a family who makes it a priority to include him in family activities.
While Happy would love a home with a safe and secured fenced yard so he can enjoy his outdoor freedom, he is leash trained and will potty while on leash so we are not requiring a fenced yard in his forever home. That said, if there is no fenced yard in his home he must ALWAYS be taken out on a leash. Happy is deaf and for his safety should never be off leash outside the confines of a securely fenced yard.
Because of his luxating patella we will ask that his family provide for him pet steps or a pet ramp to safely access the bed and couch, and he will need a boosted car seat so he can continue to safely and comfortably enjoy his car rides.
Happy is a sweet, handsome, and delightful boy who will bring so much love and happiness to his furever family. Because of his mitral valve disease and need for recheck echocardiograms, his family should live within reasonable driving distance to a veterinary cardiologist and be able to financially meet his heart health needs including these specialist visits and heart medications. If you feel you’re a good fit for Happy and meet his requirements, please fill out an adoption application found on our website (TheCavalierRescue.org) then email us at CavalierRescueAL@gmail.com to express your interest. Happy is located in Montgomery, Alabama and travel there is required. His requested adoption donation is $350.