• Male
  • Age  9  (DOB 3/10/2012)
  • 21# 
  • Health TBA 
  • Adoption donation $650


McKinney, Texas

Last week we welcome in adorable 9 year old Happy (DOB 3/10/2012) after he was surrendered by his family. We noticed right away that we was suffering from some medical issues and off he went for his full intake vetting.
He has some very uncomfortable skin which was bright red, inflammed, calloused and thickened, telling us this was a long term chronic issue and the cytology revealed secondary bacterial and fungal infection. The primary cause of this could be a food and/or environmental allergy issue. Both his environment and food has since changed and right now we are focused on treating the infections. He has started oral antibiotics as well as topical treatments and received a cytopoint injection for his comfort and to allow for healing to take place. He is responding to treatment well as he is much more comfortable and the skin looks considerably better already.
Not surprising, his ears were just as bad as his skin. We decided to go straight to culturing the ears so we’d know exactly what kind of bacteria is growing and exactly what treatment will be most effective. We have started him on ear medication while we awaiting for the results of the culture which should be in by the end of the week.
Happy is in need of a neuter and dental which he is scheduled to undergo next week. In the meantime, he’s making himself right at home in his foster home in Montgomery, Alabama. We will be sure to keep you updated on this handsome boy 💜

 Montgomery, Alabama

UPDATE MAY 15, 2021:  We know you’ll be as happy as we are to see the improvement with Happy’s skin 🙌🏼 When he arrived into our care it was beet red, angry, inflammed, and very uncomfortable for him. Thankfully over the past week it has calmed down so much and he and is responding very well to his treatment. He loves to roll over on his back for a rub down of his medicated mousse 💜
We did get his ear culture results back yesterday and he has a nasty Staphylococcus and Streptococcus infection. His sensitivity test revealed that he is sensitive to the medicine we are currently using to treat his ears and so we are on the right track 👌🏻 On Thursday, Happy will go in for his much needed neuter and dental and we will give those ears a recheck then too.
Now that’s he’s not itchy, Happy is truly happy! 💕l be sure to keep you updated on this handsome boy 💜

UPDATE JUNE  4, 2021:  “Now let’s see the belly!” 2 weeks ago adorable 9 year old Happy underwent his neuter and dental procedures. Today he had a recheck appointment and he’s all healed up and looking and feeling great 💜 His terrible, itchy, painful skin infections have all cleared and his fur is growing in beautifully. The severe ear infections he came in with are much improved but not quite clear yet - he’s undergoing another round of treatment to hopefully kick the lingering bacteria and yeast to the curb. Happy was the perfect patient and is truly a “furry angel”

UPDATE JULY 11, 2021:  Sundayzzz are for staying in bed 💤 Happy in Montgomery, Alabama 💜

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 14, 2021:  Yesterday, handsome 9 year old Happy met with our wonderful cardiologist in Birmingham, Alabama for his full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram since a significant heart murmur was detected at his intake vetting🫀
Like most older adult Cavaliers, Happy has mitral valve disease (MVD). His mitral valve is severely insufficient which has caused some changes to the structure of his heart, specifically the left side of his heart, and more specially enlargement of his left ventricle. Despite the changes to his heart, Happy does not have any symptoms from his heart disease, is not in heart failure, and does not have pulmonary hypertension. He has started on 2 heart medications which will help slow down progression of the heart disease.
Many Cavaliers with mitral valve disease do very well on heart medications and live normal, quality lives. But continued monitoring under the care of a cardiologist is so important so that medications can be adjusted as need be. Happy is due back for another echocardiogram in 6 months which will be compared to his scans now to get an idea of how well he is responding to the medications.
Unfortunately owning a Cavalier means being prepared for mitral valve disease (MVD), but thankfully with skilled cardiologists and wonderful medications, this disease can be well managed for many 💜