• Female
  • Age: 5  (DOB 5/2/2013)
  • 20#
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption Donations: $500


  Brookhaven, Georgia


πŸš— Adopters within 1 hour of Atlanta Metro area

🌱 Safe/secured fenced in yard
🐢 Canine furiend for leadership/companionship
πŸ’œ Experienced dog owners / extra patient home

While we do not typically place geographical limits on our adoptions, Harlow is a special placement and what is in her best interest falls a bit outside of our typical adoption guidelines. We are seeking a home/family within an hour of her foster home which will allow for more frequent visits with a prospective family and a more gentle transition from foster home to adopting home for Harlow.

Gorgeous Harlow is a 5 year old (5/2/2013) sweetheart who was rescued out of the puppy mill industry via auction 5 months ago. Harlow is congenitally sound at this time with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart. Suffering from the typical puppy mill neglect issues, we treated Harlow for bad ear infections, a urinary tract infection, dental disease, giardia, and hookworms which wreaked havoc on her GI tract. She also underwent her spay surgery and much needed dental. Harlow is now up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, spayed, and on monthly preventatives. Harlow is healthy, not on any medications, and does not require any vetting at this time, outside of regular wellness checks. She is at her ideal weight of 20 pounds.

While her physical issues have been treated, the emotional damage done from years in the puppy mill industry is far harder to 'treat'. Harlow is still very timid and scared of people. She has an obvious hypersensitivity to her front legs and paws touched which we fear may be from forced breeding. This can make grooming/nail clipping a bit tricky, and requires a couple sets of hands and lots of patience. Touching, grabbing, and handling is very challenging and scary for Harlow. Because of this, she is quite tricky to "catch" and pick up/handle without terrorizing her further. She needs a very secured home with a plan in place to prevent her from accidentally getting out. This will be closely looked at and further discussed at the home visit. Lots of things still scare Harlow and so her family should be prepared to make accommodations to avoid triggering these fears: squeaky toys are terrifying, yelling - even on TV, going in and out of door ways, walking passed a human, physical touch - especially of her front legs and grabbing/picking her up. She needs a patient family, not only to work with Harlow on her continued rehabilitation, but to work through the adoption process. We feel it will take multiple home visits for Harlow to be comfortable enough to attempt a transition. Being in close proximity to her foster family will come in handy for grooming assistance, ongoing support, ect.

Harlow has done well with potty training and does not have accidents in her foster home. She does need to be taken out regularly - first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between. Moving to a new home will certainly be a big transition for her and so accidents are to be expected until she learns her new people, routine, and environment. Harlow enjoys being outside and lights up when she romps around the yard with her foster siblings when a human is out of her plain sight. She feels she can let her guard down and she truly enjoys herself. She will need a safe and secured fenced in yard in her foster home for pottying and for enjoying her new found freedom.

Harlow is not ready yet for leashing but she recently showed interest in participating in walks with her furry foster siblings. Her foster mom uses a doggie stroller to safely expose Harlow to the world around her. We will ask that the new family purchases a stroller to continue this socialization. Harlow also loves a car ride which she does from the safety and comfort of her doggie car seat - this is another wonderful way to help socialize Harlow. Some of Harlow's other favorite things are meal time where she dances for her dinner, and the BIG bed where she most enjoys her comfort. The BIG bed is her safe place and where she stayed for a large part of her decompression period. She uses a set of pet stairs to get on and off the bed and we are seeking a family who will give her access and an invitation onto the bed.

Harlow has 3 Cavalier foster siblings in her foster home who she gets along with very well. She looks to them for both leadership and companionship and it is truly a joy to see her engage in playful behaviors with them. We feel it is important that she has another Cavalier or other dog of similar size and temperament in her forever home. Preferably a confident, well adjusted dog who will help show her the ropes and engage with her. Harlow will thrive best in an adult only home or a home with older, gentle children who can understand her puppy mill past, respect her boundaries, and not overwhelm her with touch. We are seeking a family with someone home at least part of the day and who has the time to be able to devote to Harlow and her ongoing rehabilitation. During the times that no humans are home, Harlow does fine in a puppy proofed area of the home - after spending 5 years in confinement, she should not be crated.

Harlow is a gorgeous girl with a beautiful coat and stunning golden ears. She is so very sweet and she is trying very hard to enjoy new things. While she is still very scared, we are seeing glimmers of the dog she can be. She needs an extra patient, very gentle, experienced family who will give her all the time, love, support, and encouragement she needs as she works to break through the damage done from life in a puppy mill. If you live within an hour of Atlanta and meet all of the requirements for this special girl, please complete an adoption application found on our website and then email us at CavalierRescueAL@gmail.com to express your interest. Harlow is located in Brookhaven (Greater Atlanta area), Georgia, and her requested adoption donation is $500.