Birmingham, Alabama




  • Male
  • Age:  ~12
  • 18#
  • Blind in one eye, Luxating patellas, arthritis, heart clear!!!
  • Adoption Donation: $200


🏡Someone home most of the day/low alone hours
🐶Canine furiend of similar size & mild temperament
💜Ability to physically assist Harvey

When we first learned of Harvey he was in absolutely horrific shape in a shelter in Louisiana after he was picked up stray. The shelter workers did a great job cleaning him up the best they could and when he was able to be released, we scooped him up and welcomed him into our care. We named him Harvey in honor of the nice folks there in Harvey, Louisiana who helped him during his biggest time of need and entrusted us with his care and placement. Harvey has only continued to improve more and more since then and has showed us that he can do just about anything any other dog can do, just in his unique, wonky, special Harvey way! And when he has trouble with something he isn't afraid to ask for a little help from his hooman 💜

He arrived with a really bad urinary tract infection and ear infections which have both been treated and cleared. His intake bloodwork was a bit wonky - he was quite anemic, likely due to the flea infestation, and had an elevated blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level and very low sodium potassium levels. This sparked us to run a ACTH stimulation test to rule out Addison's Disease. That test was indeed negative for Addison's. We forged on with good nutrition and supplements and sure enough his wonky values had evened out at his last recheck. Harvey also under went his neuter surgery and much needed dental while in our care resulting in the loss of some bad teeth. We also did some radiographs while he was under anesthesia to better understand his orthopedic ailments. Images confirmed luxating patellas, hip dysplasia, spondylosis, and arthritis. We started him on Galliprant, a great anti-inflammatory, as well as an anti-oxidant and daily joint supplement chews. We have seen substantial improvement in his mobility and overall comfort. He should be on these medications and supplements for life which are about $50/ month. While he doesn't show any signs of pain, he should be considered as 'fragile' and treated as such with extra careful handling and accommodations made for his safety and comfort.

While we do not have any history on Harvey, we believe he is about 12 years of age. Believe it or not, his heart is clear! No murmur or abnormalities have been detected and he did very well under anesthesia. We were so relieved that he is also heartworm negative. He does have a hypermature cataract in one eye with a luxating lens. This means he is not a candidate for cataract surgery and lens implantation. While he doesn't have vision in that eye, he has great vision in his other! His intraocular pressures in both eyes have remained normal while in our care. While his eyes are currently stable, we do recommend that he remain under the care of a veterinary ophthalmologist to continue monitoring his eyes for any changes. If his luxating lens starts to give him any problems, then we would recommend that the eye is removed, for his comfort. Harvey is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. Moving forward, we recommend that he have a wellness check every 6 months. Harvey is typical in size and currently weighs 17 pounds which is his ideal weight. Because of his poor joint health, keeping him lean and at is ideal weight is very important. This means his family must be committed to strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats (which Harvey loves!), and gentle daily activity. Initial antibiotics and treatment had curbed Harvey's appetite but he is now eating again with gusto 🍴

There are many things about Harvey that make us believe that at some point in his life he was a well loved pet. He has certainly been in a home environment and knows exactly what everything is and what to do. He also appears to be very reliably potty trained, having had no accidents in foster care, even with a bad urinary tract infection when he first arrived. That said, he has been given plenty of opportunities to go outside and be successful. He should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, every few hours in between, and right after meals. He is very food/ treat motivated and a special high value treat will continue to help reinforce good potty behaviors. Harvey will do his business both at his leisure in a safe and secured fenced yard or while taken out of a leash. Due to his deficits he does need a flat, level ground for his safety. While he enjoys a safe and secured fenced in yard, we are not requiring it in his forever home since he is comfortable being on leash. Per our adoption agreement, our dogs must always be on a leash if outside of a safe and secured fenced yard.

Harvey's foster family describes him as laid back, sweet, and loving. He is happiest just being with his people and his 'pack' and doesn't like being left out of any activity. In addition to treats, love and lap time, he also really enjoys car rides, as well as exploring outside. He goes for daily car rides and will literally run to the car to get in! We will ask that his adopting family purchase a car seat for him and be committed to chauffeuring him regularly around town 🚗 Like all Cavaliers, Harvey enjoys his naps and down time. He is happy to chose a couch, dog bed or the big bed and loves to find blankets and pillows to nest in. Due to his orthopedic issues he cannot and should not get on and off furniture on his own and needs a lift on and off. He is very good at communicating with you and letting you know what he wants and likes and how to help him.

One of Harvey's greatest needs is to have a human with him much of the day. He doesn't ask or require a lot from you but he wants to be with you and close to you. It is what makes him most happy and we feel after a hard life and in his senior years he should have what he wants. We are seeking a family with someone who works from home, is retired, is a stay at home parent, or is only away working no more than a few hours a day. During the limited times that his foster family is away from the home, Harvey stays in a safe, puppy proofed area of the house. There he stays with his furry foster siblings with comfy dog beds and his water bowl. Due to his orthopedic issues, Harvey should not be strictly confined. He needs to be able to get up, walk around, get comfortable, and have supportive dog beds available for his old bones. At night, Harvey would love to sleep in the big bed with you. Like most Cavaliers, he does snore 💤

Harvey has two Cavalier foster brothers and a Boston Terrier foster brother who he gets along with very well. He has encountered many Cavaliers here in our care and has engaged well with them all. While he is confident and well adjusted enough to be an only dog, he is all about companionship and we feel he would thrive best in a home with other adult Cavaliers or another adult dog of similar size and mild temperament. In addition to companionship, we also feel another dog is beneficial for Harvey to help with his orientation and helps mitigate his deficits including some hearing and vision impairments. The other dogs also help motivate Harvey as he very much likes to be involved in what is going on - if they are up and about, then Harvey is too. He has not encountered any feline furiends while in our care.

Harvey is very much your typical senior dog that enjoys a leisurely, retirement lifestyle. While he is very mild and relaxed, it is fun to see him get excited for car rides, treats and when he sees you going to sit down, he has an extra pep in his step to get to you to claim your lap. He also loves to give kisses! Because he is 'fragile' we would feel best placing him in an adult only home or a home with older children who can understand and learn how to appropriately handle and engage with him. He does need some physical assistance at times and so his family must be able and comfortable picking him up very carefully and gently. Harvey should not be permitted to do stairs unsupervised so for his safety we would ask that any access to stairs be gated off. While he can manage a few steps with supervision and assistance, please know that if you have many stairs , that you would need to carry him up and down.

Harvey is a social, friendly, loving, determined little man who despite an obvious rough patch in his life has remained in excellent spirits. He has transitioned and adjusted into rescue remarkably well and has continued to impress us with his capabilities. Although he is a senior with some deficits, he definitely has a lot of life and love left in him 💕 We feel he would be happiest in a quiet, laid back home, with other adult dogs of similar size and mild temperament, and someone who can be with him most of the day. He needs a family committed to continuing his medical care which includes his ~$50/month medications and supplements along with regular wellness checks with a general vet and monitoring by a veterinary ophthalmologist. If you are ready to open your home and heart to a very deserving senior and feel you may be a match for his needs, please complete an online adoption application found on our website and then email is at to express your interest. Harvey is being fostered in Birmingham, Alabama (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $200.