• Female
  • Age: 4  (DOB 10/12/2014)
  • 20#
  • Loose knees, dry eye, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donations: $500


  Fort Payne, Alabama


Sweet 4 year old Hazel found herself wearing tag #239 in a puppy mill auction. This poor girl had badly stained paws, bloody ears, and gooey, gunky eyes. Our team members cleaned her eyes as much as they could during the auction but every time they revisited her they were back crusted shut.

We are treating Hazel for ear infections, giardia, secondary eye infections from neglected dry eye, and keratoconjunctivitis. Her physical exam also revealed loose knees, a large umbilical hernia, and severe dental disease. She received a much needed dental resulting in 7 extractions, along with her hernia repair and spay surgery. Her beautiful eyes have responded well thus far to our dry eye protocol, as you can see.

Hazel is now in her foster home in Fort Payne, Alabama resting, recovering, and soaking up years of TLC that she’s missed out on 💜

UPDATE Feb 18th: Ssweet Hazel had an ophthalmology recheck. Hazel is a puppy mill survivor and auction dog who received absolutely no care for the first 4 years of her life. Like many Cavaliers she has a condition called “dry eye”, meaning they do not produce an adequate amount of tears. Left completely neglected for so many years in a puppy mill, this has created quite a lot of damage.

Hazel’s left eye is severely dry, producing absolutely NO tears. This has caused secondary issues including secondary corneal pigmentary keratitis and scarring which caused vision loss. With the use of a steroid drop, we have been successful in dissolving much of the secondary pigmentation and scarring in her left eye which has restored vision! However, Hazel has been on a variety of medications since she arrived in October to try to help stimulate her tear production but unfortunately her left eye has had zero response to any of them. This tells us that she has no more glandular tissue to stimulate - the glands are either atrophied, fibrosed (scarred) or hypoplastic. Left “dry”, this would result in a lifetime of fending off infections, ulcerations, more and more secondary pigmentation changes with scarring and vision loss. Most upsetting, it leaves Hazel in continued discomfort.

So at this point, for her comfort and to preserve the vision she has regained, we have decided to move forward with a surgical procedure called a PDT (parotid duct transposition). With this procedure, the parotid salivary duct is surgically transposed to the lower conjunctival cul-de-sac to provide the eye with saliva! In layman’s terms, we are rerouting her salivary gland to her eye. While the saliva is not exactly the same as tears, for many dogs this is a very successful solution to a chronic, painful and potentially blinding disorder. Hazel will be undergoing this procedure next week!

Here at The Cavalier Rescue we are all about COMPLETE healing! Not just getting them out of a bad situation and into a home, but about truly restoring them to their absolute best self, which for our puppy mill dogs especially, is under so many years of neglect and damage. We are very excited for this opportunity for Hazel and very thankful for both her skilled ophthalmologist and for you all for supporting and funding this life changing medical care 💜