• Male
  • Age: 7 months (DOB 5/2/2019)
  • 6.5#
  • Needs baby teeth extracged, otherwise Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $650


  Austin, Texas

Huey was being sold on Craigslist and a Good Samaritan secured him and released him to us. Huey will be turning 7 months old next week and is a tiny and underweight guy weighing in at just 6 pounds. We quickly discovered the root of the malnourishment - his painful mouth! Huey has a lot of retained baby teeth causing so much overcrowding and angry, irritated gums making eating painful and challenging. He needs all of the retained teeth extracted.

His intake labwork showed anemia (not surprising) and so we have started him on a multi-vitamin supplement and critical care food that is very nutrient rich. He is scheduled for a bloodwork recheck on Tuesday with our furiends at ATX Animal Clinic and as long as the anemia is resolving he will then undergo his much needed dental and neuter the same day. We are eager to get the teeth out and give the little guy some relief!

Huey is being fostered in Austin, Texas and we will be sure to keep you updated as we work to address his needs 💜