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Vestavia Hills, Alabama

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Mick is recently rescued out of the puppy mill industry. He is a little guy at 15 pounds with a little bit of his tongue hanging out. We were concerned this was due to rotting teeth or worse but although he does have severe dental disease it appears as though his tongue is just too big for his narrow mouth. He has now undergone his neuter and a much needed dental with the handful of bad teeth extracted and this may now provide a little extra room for his tongue in his mouth.

Mickey was treated for eye infections, ear infections, and giardia. While his heart is clear at this time, he has bilateral luxating patellas and arthritis in his knees. We have started him on a joint supplement and talking with our othopedic surgeon about possibily moving forward with repairing his right knee. 

Poor Mick is terrified of humans and quite traumatized from his time in the puppy mill industry. He required a lot of time, patience, gentle love, and encouragement. 
  • Male
  • Age:  5 (DOB 5/16/2013)
  • 15 #
  • Grade 3 bilateral patella luxations,  otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $500

Ider, Alabama




From this 'adventure" we learned a lot about rescue, in a different light. It is more than just "taking in" dogs but also about education and prevention. We wish to end puppy mills, support reputable breeders, and teach others why it's important to support those efforts. We WILL  make a difference, we pledged. And NOW,  we ARE making a difference! This event, and it's ripple effect, changed the lives of many dogs. It changed ours too. This event spawned a brand new rescue organization, with amazing volunteers, who believe ALL lives matter




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Sweet baby Damien  was a one of a litter of eight puppies that were born on June 3rd. Mom, who is just a baby herself, was not producing enough milk for all the babies and Damien was not getting enough and not doing well. The breeder was not able to supplement his feeding  and reached out to us for help.  So,  at just one day old, we brought him into our program to give him the extra care he needs.
UPDATE 6/5: Baby Damien is eating well and gaining weight!
UPDATE 6/15 : Baby Damien is eating well and his "marshmallow cheekies" are absolutely adorable! We can see his peepers starting to open!
UPDATE 6/21: Damien opened his eyes to see the world for the first time!
UPDATE 7/16: This little firecracker is learning how to go potty outside!
  • Male
  • Age:  6 weeks (DOB 6/3/2018)
  • Growing and thriving!
  • Adoption Donation: $650
What led us to start The Cavalier Rescue?  
Read the story of inspiration here...


The Cavalier Rescue is headquartered in Birmingham,  Alabama. We have teams and shelter relationships in several states and place Cavaliers coast--to-coast!  Please check this page often to keep up with the angels in our program. We introduce them here and share their stories as we search for the perfect forever homes for each and every one.
If you are on a specific timeline to bring a precious Cavalier into your family, then rescue may not be the right fit for you. We are happy to refer you to responsible, reputable, and health-focused breeders.
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Stunning Amelia was recently rescued out of the puppy mill industry via auction. She is cautiously curious about humans and this new world around her. Too scared to stand and explore confidently, she pancakes to the floor and crawls around. She is accepting gentle affection from humans and enjoys it. We think once she realizes she is safe and loved that she is really going to bloom quickly!

We are treating Amelia for dental disease, giardia, and bad ear infections - this is all due to neglect. Her eyes are irritated from living in filth and we are flushing them regularly. Her knees and hips are clear and she is strong, sturdy gal. A heart murmur over the mitral valve was detected which appears to be early onset MVD. She is receiving a much needed dental cleaning with her spay surgery today and we are wondering if now that the dental disease has been addressed and once she is less stressed if that murmur may diminish some. We will be rechecking her in 2 weeks to see if that is the case. 
  • Female
  • Age:  3 1/2 (DOB 5/10/2015)
  • 21.9 #
  • Mild MVD, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $500

Atlanta, Georgia

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 Available When Older 

Perryville, Missouri

Lovie is a precious sweetheart who we just rescued out of the puppy mill industry via auction. Lovie is sweet, quiet, and mild but really enjoying gentle and tender petting and affection. She is starving for attention and if you so much even look in her direction her eyes light up and her tail starts to wag.

Intake vetting revealed that at one year of age Lovie is congenitally sound with clear eyes, knees, hips, and heart. We are treating her for giardia,  nasty bacteria and yeast infections in her ears, and a urinary tract infection. Her skin and coat are poor, again, from filthy living conditions but will grow in beautifully now that she is eating a high quality diet and getting lots of TLC. 

Most shocking was that she is suffering from vaginal prolapse. This can be caused by forced extraction of the male during the genetic tie. While we don’t know for certain what caused this condition for Lovie we know these dogs endure unbelievable reproductive abuse. The thought that she was put in a dog auction, advertised as a breeding dog, and was due to be bought by another puppy miller is absolutely horrifying.
An ovariohysterectomy (spay) permanently corrects this so because her bloodwork was normal, we proceeded with the surgery. 
  • Female
  • Age:  1 (DOB 5/18/2017)
  • 13.2#
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $650
Colton (smudge) & Palmer are littermate brothers who we rescued off the auction block. These sweet boys are enjoying their new found freedom and are enjoying having each other for play as well as companionship.

 We are treating them both for giardia and ear mites. Both boys have slight underbites and eyes, hips, knees, and heart are clear outside of Palmer having a sinus arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) which is fairly common. Stress can also play a factor in that so we will have another listen at his next vet check.

Their bloodwork was normal and there are no indicators of a brewing upper respiratory infection which our puppies from auction often have. We are watching them closely should something change

  • Male
  • Age:  4 months (DOB 2/28/2018)
  • Colton: 9.5# , Palmer  10#
  • Palmer has a sinus arrhythmia, otherwise both boys are healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $650 each

Birmingham, Alabama

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Temple, Texas

Sweet Spence, was rescued out of a Texas shelter after his family surrendered him, is starting to settle in nicely into his foster home. We have started him on a limited ingredient and elimination diet in the event that food allergies are partly to blame for his skin issues. He is also getting medicated baths to help treat and give him relief.  We are still awaiting his titer test results and we are hoping he has reached a level of immunity so that we do not need to proceed with any vaccinations which could compromise his system even further. He will return to the vet early next week for a CBC recheck to ensure his white blood count, which was elevated from the secondary skin infection, is moving in the right direction. Once he is feeling better, he will receive a much-needed dental. We will be sure to keep you updated as we work to get this guy feeling 100%.
  • Male
  • Age:  ~6 years (DOB 6/29)
  • 18.4#  (needs to gain  few)
  • Being treated for a skin infection, mild & asymtomatic heart murmur
  • Adoption Donation: $400

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Birmingham, Alabama

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We pulled Archie out of a shelter in West Tennessee where he was picked up as stray and not reclaimed. He arrived in very poor shape and required IV fluids, antibiotics, and supplements upon arrival.  He was flea infested which caused severe anemia.  His labwork also revealed an alarmingly high WBC and dehydration.  Archie has abscessed teeth, severe dental disease, and infection and desperately needs a dental which we will move forward with as soon as his lab values are better and he is safe to undergo sedation.

He has also met with our ophthalmologist as he is sadly blind from hyper mature cataracts.  Unfortunately, there is no vision to restore in his right eye, but there is a chance of restoring some vision in his left eye.  He will move forward with cataract surgery on his left eye after we are able to proceeed with his dental. We are also treating him for ear infections and a urinary tract infection. 
  • Male
  • Age:  Approximately 7 years old
  • 24#
  • Working to improve to labwork so he can undergo dental procedure and then cataract removal surgery. 

 Available Soon 



Birmingham, Alabama

Max was being rehomed online and concerned for his safety and well being, we became involved to help ensure a safe and well matched furever placement for him.  Max is healthy and congenitally sound at this time. At 10.6 pounds, he is a tiny tot with a ‘mismarked’ ruby coat (meaning he has some white). We have brought him up to date on vaccinations and ran labwork. We are pleased that his fecal and heartworm tests are negative and his bloodwork is good. He is suffering from a UTI which we are treating. He also has a couple ‘scabby’ areas on his ears so we have sent off a culture of that just to be sure that it is nothing more than just some healing scabbing caused possibly by some itching when he arrived with fleas. He came through his neuter surgery just fine and is resting comfortable in his foster home soaking up lots of TLC.

  • Male
  • Age:  2 Years (DOB 7/29/2016)
  • 10.6 #
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $650 
Congratulations to darling Daphne 👑 and her furever family on their adoption today 💜 This sweet puppy mill survivor is staying in Alabama and calling Montgomery home. Happy furever, sweetheart 💕 



Lebanon, Missouri

Piper’s family made the very difficult decision to release him into the care of our Missouri team. Piper is a resource guarder and this became increasingly more and more difficult for his family to manage with small children in the home.

Piper checked at the vet out congentially sound. He is up to date on vaccinations and preventive. He's a bit heavy at 28.8 lbs and needs to lose a few, so we will work on that while in foster care. He does have  a skin infection  which we are treating agressively. 
  • Male
  • Age:  6 years (DOB 9/3/2011)
  • 28.8#  (needs to shed a few)
  • Being treated for a skin infection, otherwise healhty!
  • Adoption Donation: $400

 Available Soon 




Colton & Palmer