Birmingham, Alabama





  • Female
  • Age:   4 (DOB 11/20/2016)
  • 16# 
  • Luxating Patellas, recovering from trauma
  • Adoption Donation: $TBA



MEET IVY 🌱 At 4 years old (DOB 11/20/2016) Ivy is the youngest of the 3 girls who just arrived into our care after being retired and released from a life of breeding. Although from a distance she looks like a perfectly healthy, beautiful girl, that couldn’t be further from the truth...

Like the other girls, Ivy arrived suffering with absolutely terrible ear infections and horrific dental disease. The poor girl had straw (likely what she was living on), hair, and debris all wound up around her teeth and causing so much painful gum irritation. While her eyes and heart are clear and congenitally sound at this time, she does have bilateral grade 3 luxating patellas which we will be keeping an eye on and further assessing while she’s in foster care.

Because all of her labwork was normal and negative, she was scheduled to undergo her much much much needed dental and spay earlier this week. But as soon as she was opened up, it was apparent that something was very very wrong. Ivy was suffering with internal injuries where they found bruising, blood clots, and abnormal and inflammed kidneys and ovaries. She was immediately sutured up and her medical team worked quickly to try to clean up her mouth the best they could. We could not have anticipated these findings and while we do not know the exact cause of this, we feel this is from some sort of trauma.

Ivy has been prescribed strict rest to allow for healing and will not undergo her spay or dental for at least a month. In the meantime her ears have been treated and she is in oral antibiotics for her infections.

Ivy is typical in size at 16 pounds and at her ideal weight. She is lovely little girl who wants ALL. THE. SNUGGLES. She is happiest just being with her human on the couch watching Christmas movies 🍿 We have a feeling there will be plenty of that over the next month as she rests and recovers in her foster home in Birmingham, Alabama 💜



UPDATE DECEMBER 11, 2020: To refresh you’re memory, when beautiful Ivy first arrived into our care and went under for her spay, our vet found significant internal injuries due to some sort of trauma that she had endured. She was immediately sutured up and woken up and has been following strict rest and recovery orders to allow for healing. Yesterday, she returned to the vet for a labwork recheck to ensure there is no sign of lingering bleeding or organ damage, and the good news is that there is not and everything seems to be healing well 🙌🏼 Her spay and much needed dental has been rescheduled for 12/30 💜 


UPDATE JANUARY 14, 2021: Yesterday sweet Ivy in Birmingham, Alabama underwent patella stabilization surgery of her right knee. Today, she was able to be discharged and is back resting and recovering in her foster home 💜 She will have a recheck in 2 weeks to ensure she is healing properly. She has strict “bed rest” orders ahead of her for quite awhile but it’s the perfect season for a warm, comfy blankey 💕, Hallmark movies 🍿, and chill 💤