Recipients Snuggled In...

         Collin                                           Emily                                          Cooper                                          Prince                                   Oliver

         Irys                                                Tabitha                                      Charley                                     Maddie                                     Auggie     

       Sasha                                         Herb                                             CobyJ                                            Roxie                                          Callie

       Adeline                                         Bella                                          Autumn                                        Sasha                                          Molly

Jakey's Blankeys mission is to provide love, security, warmth, and a sense of comfort to     Cavalier King Charles Spaniels scared, sick, recovering, abandoned, or otherwise in need through the gift of new and lovingly donated blankets.  Jakey's Blankeys is a    program through Cavalier Rescue of Alabama and inspired by Jake, a very special      rescued Cavalier who loved his blanket.


After a life of commercial breeding and neglect, #271, Jake, was rescued off the        auction block on July 11, 2015 in Wheaton, Missouri, and welcomed into Cavalier    Rescue of  Alabama.

We wrapped sick and scared Jake in a blanket and promised him that everything would be okay.  After spending over 6 years in a puppy mill, Jake was suffering both physically and emotionally from the extreme neglect.  Amongst many health issues, Jake was   diagnosed with gingival squamous cell carcinoma, an aggressive mouth cancer that had already eaten away at his jaw bone and spread into his lymph nodes.  Jake was only given 4 months to live.  

The very same blanket that provided him warmth and security after                                     being rescued, gave him comfort and love throughout his very brave                                  battle with cancer.  After fighting like a warrior for nearly 13 months,                            wrapped in his very special blankey and surrounded by his family, Jake                          crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 5, 2016.  


        Lilly                                            Carson                                       Little Rickey                              Annabelle                                   Cora

       Mick                                               Zoey                                              Major                                        Cheshire                                     Bentley

If you know of a Cavalier in rescue or that is not feeling well and would enjoy the comfort of a Jakey's Blankey,  please email us and we will send them one!

Thank you