Pleasanton, Califirnia



  • Female
  • Age: ~ 10 years old
  • 17 #s (ideal weight)
  • Mild asymptomatic heart murmur, otherwise healthy! 
  • Adoption Donation: $150


🏑 Low alone hours
πŸ’œ Older, gentle children ok
🐢 Furiend of similar temperament, preferred

Earlier this year we welcomed in sweet Jasmine after her owner passed away, sadly. It was obvious that Jasmine had been so well loved and well cared for and in learning more about her and her past we discovered that she had been a service dog to her former owner. Over the past 6 weeks we have gotten to see just how special and unique this sweet girl really is. She is now ready for adoption and will be a true gift to her next family 🎁

Unfortunately Jasmine's previous vet clinic is no longer in business and we were unable to obtain all of her records. There was confusion about her age but in assessing the information provided to us, and along with our veterinarian's professional opinion, we believe she is around 10 years old. She came to us spayed but needed a dental cleaning which she received in our care. She is now up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, spayed, had a recent dental, and on monthly preventatives. Jasmine had normal and negative labwork and her physical exam checked out great, especially for her age! Her eyes, knees, and hips are clear, while an asymptomatic heart murmur was detected. Nearly all Cavaliers her age have a heart murmur due to mitral valve disease and we would recommend that her adopting family take her to a veterinary cardiologist for a baseline echocardiogram.

Jasmine was cut very short before she arrived into rescue but her beautiful coat is starting to grow back in. She also arrived overweight and has now slimmed down to her ideal weight of 17 pounds. Her furever family should be committed to helping her maintain this weight for her best health! She needs continued strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and daily activity/exercise. Like most Cavaliers, she is food motivated and loves her meals but is very polite and quiet while you prepare it and never tries to stick her nose in the other dogs' dishes. This is just one of the many ways she shows how well behaved she is!

Jasmine is very well trained and this includes potty training as well. She has never had an accident in her foster home and appears to be 100% reliable. That said she is taken out regularly and never asked to hold it for long periods of time. She is taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours throughout the day. She is let out in the fenced in backyard to take care of her potty business, but she also will also happily potty while on leash. Being a former service dog, Jasmine is leash trained and very comfortable on leash. Her foster family takes her on daily short jaunts around the neighborhood which she loves. For all these reasons, we are not requiring a fenced yard in her adopting home. That said, per our adoption agreement, we never allow our dogs to be off-leash outside of safe and secured fencing.

Jasmine's foster family describe her as sweet, gentle, happy, and well-behaved. They report that she is so well adjusted and well socialized and is comfortable and happy in nearly all settings, scenarios, and situations. Even in crowds, noise, or a lot of activity, Jasmine remains cool, calm, and collected. She gets along with everyone and everything that she encounters. It is obvious that she accompanied her previous owner everywhere she went as she very much expects and likes to be included in everything the family is doing. Jasmine is used to being out and about and would not do well spending much of the time at home, especially by herself. We are seeking a family who could and would provide for her frequent opportunities to be out and be very much a part of the family.

In her foster family, she loves accompanying the kiddos on their car ride to school and also accompanies her foster mom while in the office for work. When she arrives at the office she will make her rounds to greet all of the employees and then will find a comfy spot to settle into while her foster mom works. During short periods of time where she is at home with no humans, she stays in the main living area of the home where she prefers a comfy dog bed by the window (she likes to find the sun!). Because she is reliably potty trained and well behaved, she does not need any confinement and we do not recommend that she is confined as we learned early on that it makes her very anxious. At night she sleeps on a comfy dog bed on the floor right next to the big bed where she feels safe and secure close to her people. She seems uncomfortable in the big bed like she was taught not to be up there, so this was likely the case in her former home.

Some of Jasmine's favorite things are: sleeping in, short leashed walks, car rides, her people, naps, and adventures. When it is time for a car ride, Jasmine will playfully bounce by the door showing her excitement, and then do a lap around the car before getting in. She rides in a boosted car seat where she is safe and comfortable and can see out the window, and we will ask that her adopting family purchase one for her. Jasmine is sweet, friendly, and well mannered when meeting new people. She will calmly go up to someone with a smile and wag to see if they want to pet her and will happily accept their gentle affection and attention. She loves to be pet but does not like to be picked up and held.

Gentle Jasmine also has a great relationship with her canine foster siblings and gentle interactions with other dogs (and cats!) that she encounters. She shares her foster home with another Cavalier and while she doesn't necessarily engage with her furry foster siblings, she seems to enjoy their company and companionship. We believe she was an only dog in her previous home and we can see her thriving as an only dog but only if she will have the opportunity to spend most of the day with her human and very low alone time at home. Jasmine is a quiet, laid back girl and would appreciate other furry friends of similar temperament - we do not feel she would be happy sharing her home with a particularly playful, loud, or energetic dog.

Jasmine also shares her foster home with older, gentle kiddos who she loves. We feel she would be happy in an adult only home or a home with older, gentle children. As mentioned earlier, she is not comfortable being picked up and held and so the children must be able to understand and respect her boundaries. Like all Cavaliers though, she does love attention and affection and gets particularly snuggly and cuddly in the evening. She is known for her "hugs" where she will literally wrap her little paws around your neck πŸ’•

Jasmine is such a special girl and possesses some really amazing skills and a temperament that would make her a fantastic therapy dog. Her foster family states that she is "the sweetest dog we have ever met!" We would love to see her share her gift to help continue to bring happiness, spread love, and help to provide comfort and support to people, either in a formal or informal way through therapy work. Jasmine is a unique girl and it is important for adopting families to understand that she has been more than a pet and is used to a certain lifestyle where she spends much of her every day being with and accompanying her human both in and out of the home. We are seeking a family who can continue to provide these opportunities for her. If you feel you may be the perfect family for sweet, special Jasmine, please complete an adoption application found on our website, and then email us at to express your interest. Jasmine is located in Pleasanton, California (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation us $150.