Pleasanton, Califirnia



  • Female
  • Age: Senior
  • 19.8# (needs to lose a couple)
  • Mild asymptomatic murmur, elevated liver values - to be rechecked in 30 days
  • Adoption Donation: $150


Welcome in, Jasmine! Sadly Jasmine’s owner recently passed away and the family didn’t feel they could give her the love and care that she was used to and deserved and made the decision to release her into our care. There is some confusion about her age and so we are hoping to get our hands on her vet records on Monday. She is now in the loving hands of our California team and will be fostered in Sacramento. More to come on sweet Jasmine soon 💜

Rescue always starts with a bath Jasmine, our newest intake in California, is enjoying her spa day 💅

UPDATE January 23, 2020: Over the weekend we introduced you to Miss Jasmine who had come into our care after her owner passed away. Family members did not know her age and unfortunately the vet clinic that her records are at is now permanently closed. Although we are continuing to try to hunt them down, we feel she is about 10 years old.

Earlier this week she met with our vet at East Sacramento Veterinary Center for her full intake vetting. Her physical exam revealed that her eyes, hips, and knees are clear and congenitally sound at this time. A heart murmur was detected which is to be expected for a senior Cavalier. This is likely due to mitral valve insufficiency which unfortunately plagues the breed. We also found some pretty yeasty ears which she is now being treated for.
All of her labwork looked excellent except for an elevated liver value. We have started her on a liver supplement (Denamarin) and will recheck that value in 30 days expecting to see that it has improved. If so, she will be all clear to move forward with a needed dental cleaning. Jasmine is already spayed. Her fecal test was negative, heartworm and tick borne illness test was negative, and her urinalysis was normal. She is overweight at 19.8 lbs. and will be working to drop a 3 or 4 pounds while in foster care. She is a spry and spiritied senior who loves leading the daily walks with her foster siblings! Jasmine is being fostered in Pleasanton, California.