Saint Simon's Island, Georgia





  • Female
  • Age: 6  (DOB 12/27/2014)
  • 12# 
  • Asymptomatic (G1) heart murmur, skin labs pending, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $TBA


 MEET JOY 💕 5, almost 6, year old Joy (DOB 12/27/2014) just arrived into our care after being retired and released from a life of breeding. Joy is just a tiny thing at 12 pounds, and all 12 pounds of her wiggle, wiggle, wiggle for love and attention 💜
Joy arrived with complete hair loss from chin to abdomen and we aren’t sure exactly why. She was negative for mange/ mites and ringworm. We have a culture sent off and should have those results early next week. If it’s bacterial in nature (or secondarily infected) we will find out exactly what is growing and what course of treatment will be most effective. In the meantime we have started her on some topical skin care and oral antibiotics. We do fear this could be a “chemical” burn of some sort.
She has bad ear infections that she is now being treated for, and absolutely horrific dental disease. Earlier this week she underwent her spay and much much much needed which resulted in the extracting of 21 rotting teeth!
Her tear test showed she was at the low end of normal tear production so are supplementing her tears with an artificial tear gel. The decreased tear production is more likely due to inflammation (from poor environment) than true ‘dry eye’ and will be rechecking her tear test at her recheck. If it has not improved, we will start her on a tear stimulant to boost her production.
She is in great orthopedic shape with clear knees and hips and has a barely there grade 1 heart murmur which may even diminish now that her teeth have been addressed. All her labwork including her fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork was all normal and negative.
We will be sure to keep you posted as we get her culture results in and work to try to solve the mystery of her skin 🔍 Sweet little Joy is being fostered in St. Simons Island, Georgia where she is getting settled in and recovering from her spay and big dental 💜