Juniper & Jude



  • Juniper (Blenheim Female) Jude (Tri male)
  • Age:  DOB 11/15/2019
  • Juniper 1.6#  Jude 4.2#
  • Healthy at their 8 week checkup!
  • Adoption Donation: $650 (each)

  Birmingham, Alabama

🐶Young, active, canine playmate
🌱Safe and secured fenced yard preferred
💜Older, gentle children okay
🏡 Low alone hours /plenty of opportunity for activity

🚩 Please do not apply or email your interest unless you are able and willing to travel to Birmingham, Alabama to finalize the adoption between 1/31 and 2/2. Chosen families are welcome to join us for their vet appointment on 1/31 at 5pm. Before applying to adopt, please be sure that the entire family is on board and committed and that great consideration is given to the time, effort, and funds involved in properly and responsibly raising a puppy.

Juniper and Jude came into our care when they were a mere 24 hours old. They were apart of a litter of 8 and the mom could not properly feed and care for them all. The breeder released them into our care and we took over providing them around the clock care and bottle feeding.

Now at 8 weeks old, they have been vetted and deemed healthy puppies with clear eyes, knees, hips, and hearts. By their adoption date, they will have had their first two distemper/parvo puppy vaccinations, as well as their microchips, and will be started on monthly preventatives.

Juniper and Jude are sweet and playful little puppies who enjoy running around their playpen, playing with toys, as well as belly rubs and cuddles. They likes to wrestle and snuggle with each other and are full of kisses. Baby Juniper loves to be held and cuddled, and although she is a petite 1.6 pounds, she can hold her own when playing with brother Jude who is quite larger at 4.2 pounds. They love to play, eat, potty, sleep, and repeat!

As baby puppies, potty training is going well. They will use a washable piddle pad if needed, but are also learning to potty outside. Puppies have very tiny bladders and need to be taken out frequently - first thing in the morning, last thing at night, immediately after meals, and every couple of hours throughout the day. Please know that there will be accidents. Additionally, puppies need a lot of stimulation, attention, engagement, and activity, so we are looking for a family with an adult who can be home most of the day to allow for plenty of opportunity for activity, socialization, and for potty training purposes as well.

These tiny puppies are not yet leash trained. A contained area in a yard (like an xpen) is needed for their safety until they are leash trained and can safely be exposed to more and more space and freedom. We will also be looking for a very puppy proofed home as puppies will be puppies and get into everything they can. Anything within reach of the pup is up for grabs and so ensuring that the yard and inside of the home can be well maintained for their safety is imperative. Please know that supplies like xpens and baby gates will be needed for the puppy's safety and protection.

We feel these pups will enjoy the companionship of another young, active, playful dog in the home who will be welcoming of typical puppy antics. Having a playmate will keep them busy which means less time for trouble! We also feel they would do well in a home with children old enough to know how to handle and engage with them appropriately and gently as well as understand the importance of keeping their belongings 'put up' and out of puppy reach.

We are thrilled that Juniper and Jude are happy, healthy and ready to find their furever homes. They will bring so much love, affection and life to a family that will embrace all they have to offer. If you meet their requirements, are ready for all the joys and challenges of puppyhood, and have the patience, endless love, and guidance they needs to thrive, please complete an adoption application found on our website, and then email us at to express your interest. Juniper and Jude are located in Birmingham, Alabama (travel there is required), and their requested adoption donation is $650 (each).