• Female
  • Age 7 (DOB 3/8/2014)
  • 19# 
  • Healthy! 
  • Adoption donation $500


  Wentzville, Missouri

 🏡 Someone home much of day / low alone hours
🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard
🐶 Canine companion of similar size & temperament
💜 Older, gentle children okay

Back in February we welcomed in beautiful Kallie who came to us as a breeder release/retiree. Now, at age 7 (DOB 3/8/2014) she’s getting a second chance at the life she always deserved. She is a beautiful, healthy girl who will continue to bloom in her perfect match forever home.

Kallie's intake vetting revealed that she is a healthy girl! Her physical exam checked out perfectly and all her labwork including her heartworm and tick borne illness test, fecal test, urinalysis, and bloodwork were normal and negative. She underwent her spay surgery and dental cleaning in our care and had routine procedures and quick recovery. She is congenitally sound with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart - impressive for a 7 year old Cavalier! She is now up to date on vaccinations, spayed, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. She is not on any medications and does not need any additional vetting, outside of regular wellness checks, at this time. Kallie is typical in size and at her ideal weight of 19 pounds.

Kallie has been impressive with her potty training and is now reliable in her foster home as long as she is given frequent opportunities outside to be successful. She does not always 'alert' you that she needs to go so it is important that her family take the initiative to take her out - first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every couple hours in between including right after meals. She prefers that you accompany her outside for pottying so don't expect her to go out the door and take care of her business on her own. She is getting better about following the other dogs outside and roaming more independently but still depends upon your encouragement and presence. After good outdoor potty behavior, she receives lots of praise and pets for reinforcement. Even though Kallie is now reliable in her foster home, please know that accidents are to be expected especially initially while she learns her new environment and routine.

Kallie is the ultimate 'velcro' dog but some of that neediness is from insecurity and lack of confidence. At this time in her journey she is very dependent and needs a lot of reassurance and encouragement. She feels safest being stuck like glue to you and has a hard time completing activities independently, like going outside to potty as mentioned above, as well as eating. She will eat her meals if you are right there with her but the second you move away, she will abandon her bowl and follow you. She eats her twice a day meals with her foster mom close by so she can enjoy her meals and not have to worry about where she is or what she is doing. She has become interested in treats particularly when she sees the other dogs in the home getting some and then wants to join in. She often needs the modeling of the other dogs in the home to know what to do which of course is quite typical for our breeding dogs.

Kallie has attached herself particularly to her foster mom - she watches her every move and follows her every step. It may be that she also attaches herself more to one person in her home. Her favorite thing is lap time with her foster mom who says, "she would be the happiest girl in the world if she could just sit in your lap for the rest of her life!" She seeks out closeness and affection and gets so excited when you show her love wiggling her whole body in delight. She particularly loves her face, neck and chest rubbed where she will press in to hand and make it hard for you to stop! Kallie does ask for quite a bit of your attention and she certainly deserves it after missing out on human interaction for so long. She needs a family who will happily give to her much of their time and attention and welcome her extreme closeness.

Kallie spends much of the day with her foster family where someone is home most of the time. She is content to lay close to her foster mom in a dog bed while she works at home. During the short periods of time when no humans are home, Kallie stays in a comfy crate right next to her furry foster siblings so she does not feel alone. She does well being left for short periods of time but would not do well with long alone hours so we are seeking a family where someone can be home and with her much of the day and shower her with all the love and attention she deserves. At night she sleeps in the big bed where all Cavaliers belong. She sleeps well knowing she is safe and sound right next to you.

Kallie needs a safe and secured fenced yard in her furever home for pottying and for enjoying her new found freedom. While she needs you to go outside with her, she is getting more and more comfortable moving freely about the yard and will now rip and roar around! She has not been on leash before and is not comfortable with it at this time. She is very afraid of it and at this time it is only scary, stressful, and traumatizing to force it on her. This may be a skill she is able to tackle once she is farther along in her rehabilitation and socialization and once she gains some confidence but it will need to be introduced very slowly and gently and within the safe confines of a secured fenced yard. While it is not safe or appropriate for her to be out on leash, she is a great traveler and enjoys car rides in her boosted car seat where she can see out the window. Car rides are a safe and great way for socialization and for her to experience more of the world outside of her home.

Kallie shares her foster home with 2 other Cavaliers who welcomed her in. Having other resident, well adjusted, confident Cavaliers in the home has been so helpful for Kallie as she can model after them and follow them to know what to do. In addition to their leadership, she also really values their companionship and they can often be found all laying or cuddling together. While her top priority is being with her special person, we feel the canine companionship is much needed during the times when no humans are at home and certainly vital to helping Kallie learn the ropes and continue to grow to be a confident, secure dog. Therefore, we are seeking a home with another Cavalier(s), or other dog of similar size and mild, gentle temperament. She has not been around cats in our care so we are unsure how she would do living with a feline furiend.

Once Kallie knows you are safe and to be trusted she is not shy about asking for your attention and affection, but she is initially cautious and hesitant around new people. It is best to give Kallie some time to approach you and check you out versus you reaching and grabbing for her. With the proper introduction and some time, Kallie will warm up nicely. Kallie responds best to adults and older, gentle children who can understand and respect her puppy mill past and know how to appropriately and gently engage with her. Her foster home has 3 older children who she does well with although she greatly gravitates towards her foster mom. She would not do well in a busy, loud, or chaotic home where she would be overwhelmed, nervous, and frightened. She would do best in a quiet home with a family who has the time to really devote to her - even if it is just lap time on the couch. Kallie's love language is lap time!

Kallie isn't a particularly playful dog but she has been enjoying a nyla-bone and it is a joy to see her racing around the yard! She has been exploring some things with her mouth and has recently discovered the laundry. Even though she is 7, everything is brand new to her so it is important for her safety that her family maintain a very "puppy proofed" home. She has learned how to do stairs in her home but is still hesitant and slow going down. She also often needs help getting on and off furniture. She can be a silly girl and does this silly thing where she tries to roll in your pile as your sweeping which can make the task a little tricky but also very funny! And like many dogs, she is scared of storms and will try to hide from the thunder and lightning.

Kallie a sweet, gentle girl who is ready to live and be loved. While she has made such strides in our care, we know she will continue to bloom in the right home and family. She would be happiest and do best in a quiet home where someone can be with her much of the day, with another Cavalier for leadership and companionship, and with a safe and secured fenced yard. She really needs someone with the time and ability to shower her with love and affection and also continue to help with her socialization and confidence building. If you feel you may be a wonderful match for Kallie, please complete an Adoption Application found on our website (TheCavalierRescue.org), and then email us at CavalierRescueAL@gmail.com to express your interest. Kallie is being fostered in Wentzville, Missouri (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation is $500.