• Female
  • Age: 8 (DOB 4/15/2011)
  • 16.8#  
  • Dye eyes, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donations :$350


  Huntsville, Alabama

Meet Kendall 💕 If you’re keeping up, Kendall is the 4th of the 5 new rubies that we welcomed in earlier this week. Kendall is 8 years old and experiencing much of the same neglect that we have outlined with the others. We are treating Kendall for whipworms, giardia, and awful ear infections. She had painful, terrible dental disease and lost all but 5 teeth during her dental procedure and spay surgery. While her knees, hips, and heart are clear, she has one bad “dry eye” which neglected for so many years has caused a secondary bacterial infection and secondary pigmentary keratitis. Yesterday she saw our amazing ophthalmologist who has her started on the right course of treatment to treat the bacterial infection, help dissolve the pigment, and work to stimulate increased tear production. Of course in the meantime, we are supplementing her tears around the clock, for her comfort.

Kendall is a super sweet, social, and snuggly girl who is ready to embrace this new chapter of her life! She is now resting and recovering from her big dental and spay surgery in her foster home in Huntsville, Alabama 💜