Canton, Georgia                            





  • Male
  • Age:  2  (1/23/2021) 
  • 14.6#
  • Dry eyes managed with daily drops, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $600




🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard
πŸ’œ Gentle, dog savvy children okay
🏑 Someone home much of day/low alone time
🐢 Canine companion of similar temperament

πŸ›‘ If you do not check ALL of the above requirements, your application will not pass the screening process for consideration. We do not compromise on these requirements as we feel they are essential to a successful adoption with Kent.

Darling Kent, who just turned 2 years old πŸŽ‰ (DOB 1/23/2021), came to us last month as a breeder release after he was not "producing" like they wanted. This was his "golden ticket" to a life ahead full of love, happiness, and a family of his own. Now medically cleared and ready for his next and last move, he is ready to find just that!
While in our care Kent underwent his neuter surgery and a dental cleaning. He is now also brought up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. All of his labwork including his fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork was normal and negative. Additionally, we found his knees, hips, and heart to be clear and congenitally sound. However, he does have "dry eye" which is a condition where his tear gland does not produce enough tears to adequately lubricate his eyes. Left untreated, this causes eye infections and inflammation which he arrived with and which we treated him for. We also started him on a tear stimulant drop to help to stimulate his tear gland to produce more. His tear production has increased since starting the medications and we anticipate it will continue to improve over time with continued use. He does need to remain on his 2 daily prescription eye medications which he gets twice a day, along with an over the counter artificial tears/lubricating eye gel which he should get about every 4 hours throughout the day to ensure he stays well lubricated and comfortable. The cost of these medications is about $38 a month. His tear production should be monitored with tear tests at his regular wellness checks in case these medications need to be altered, and his family must be committed to continuing and maintaining his eye drop schedule.
Kent is a gorgeous black and tan boy who is on the smaller side at his ideal weight of 14.6 pounds. Like most Cavaliers, Kent is a foodie and very excited for his meals and treats. He eats his twice a day Fromm meals where he always licks his bowl clean and may try to visit the other dogs' bowls to finish theirs off too, so supervision is needed. Kent has been trying new foods in foster care and he isn't picky - he enjoys scrambled eggs, yogurt, cheese, most veggies, and Fromm crunchy-o treats. Healthy treats are a great way to reward his good behavior! His family should continue his strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and daily activity and exercise to ensure
he remains at his ideal weight, best health, and best self!
Kent is doing very well with his potty training but it is a work in progress. Because he doesn't give much "notice" that he needs to potty, it is best to keep him on a schedule where he has plenty of opportunities outside to be successful. He should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including immediately after meals and after waking up from naps, to ensure potty training success. He is taken out into the safe and secured fenced yard for pottying and should be monitored to ensure that he takes care of business before coming back inside. A special, yummy, high value treat immediately following good potty behavior will be excellent reinforcement for this treat motivated boy! Please know that while Kent is doing wonderfully with his potty training in his foster home, accidents are always to be expected especially initially while he transitions to another environment and routine.
Kent's foster mom describes him as a typical Cavalier - he is so sweet, super loving, and is the best companion! Just turning 2 years old and making up for his lost 'puppyhood', we are seeing him more puppy-like and playful everyday as he continues to settle in and explore new things. He has discovered toys and loves to play fetch and tug of war with them. But his favorite "toys" are clothes in the laundry hamper that he can pull out, drag around, and stockpile - silly boy! He also loves running and romping with the other dogs in his home and his wide open in the fenced yard where he is really enjoying his outdoor freedom and space. But what he loves most is YOU! He is happiest just being with you and receiving your time and attention. He loves to cuddle up with you and will beat you to the couch or chair and wait for you in hopes you will take a seat and take a snuggle break. He is as sweet and cuddly as he is playful and active - a perfect combination!
Kent's day starts with a trip outside in the yard for pottying then inside for breakfast. His foster mom works from home so he spends much of the day with her in the home office where he makes himself comfy in her lap or on the couch. He is taken out into the fenced yard every few hours for pottying, play, and fresh air. He tags along for school pick up in the afternoons and for other errands that he can accompany you with. During times where he is left home for a short period of time, he stays in a gated off, puppy-proofed area of the home where he has plenty of room and comforts and does well. He does not need to be strictly confined, like in a crate, and we do not recommend that he is. In the evenings, he enjoys a leashed walk around the neighborhood where he can sniff and check out the new world around him, and then back home to gobble up his dinner. At night, Kent sleeps in the big bed curled up on the pillow above your head. He sleeps peacefully knowing he is safe and sound close to you. He would not do well being asked to sleep apart from you so we are seeking a family who will continue to invite him into the big bed.
Kent is a friendly and social guy who is always happy to meet everyone! He is easy and fun to be around and everyone seems to just fall in love with him ❀ We have not found him to be fearful of much of anything but he can be startled by loud or sudden noises, like an alarm. While everything is still fairly new to Kent, he approaches new things with interest and curiosity instead of with caution or fear. Still, his family should be gentle with exposing him to new things to ensure he is safe and makes positive associations. He is enjoying getting 'out and about' and meeting new people and exploring new places and things. He has been exposed to children in his foster home and does very well with them. We feel he would be happy in an active adult only home or a home with gentle, well behaved children who are experienced with dogs and know how to engage with him gently and appropriately.
Kent loves his three Cavalier foster siblings and gets along with them very well! He loves exploring and running with them in the yard, sharing toys, and cuddling up with them. Kent would be happiest and do best with another canine companion in the home and his perfect furry match would be another younger, active, playful Cavalier or other dog of similar mild temperament. He has not been exposed to any cats while in our care and so we are unsure how he would do living with a feline friend.
Most importantly, Kent needs a family who has the time, ability, and desire to shower him with love and attention and make him an included and important member of their family. He wants nothing more than to be with you and because he is a young boy who needs plenty of engagement, socialization, activity, and attention, we are seeking a family who is able to be with him much of the day and where he will have low alone time. He would love an active home (not a busy family) with a canine companion and playmate, a basket full of toys, and a safe and secured fenced yard so he can continue to enjoy his outdoor freedom. The more space to run the better! We will also be looking for a very "puppy proofed" home as Kent is very curious and exploring things for the first time. Anything within his reach is up for grabs so ensuring both the yard and inside of the home can and will be well maintained for his safety is imperative. Kent is very eager to please which along with his fondness for treats makes him very trainable. He is still learning manners, boundaries, and about living inside a home, and just needs continued direction and gentle, positive based training to be the best Kent he can be! Lastly, he needs a family committed to continuing his eye drop regimen to ensure the health and comfort of his eyes.
Darling little Kent seems to be making up for lost time - he is a happy boy who loves his humans, furry furiends, treats, and toys, and is just thrilled about his new way of life which includes plenty of freedom, fun, and snuggles! If you feel you're a great match for Kent and meet ALL of his requirements, please fill out an adoption application found on our website ( and then email us at to express your interest. Kent is located in Canton, Georgia, and travel there is required. His requested adoption donation is $600.