• Female
  • Age 8 (DOB 5/16/2013)
  • 28#  (needs to lose a few)
  • Healthy! 
  • Adoption donation $400


  St. Louise, Missouri

🏡 Someone home much of the day / low alone time

🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard
🐶 Canine companion of similar temperament

Back in April we welcomed precious Lady into our care after she was retired and released from breeding. She has spent the past 2 months in her foster home learning all about being a part of a family and living inside a home. While we have been assessing and learning all about her over this time, she has been gaining some valuable skills and tools to help with her next and last move to her furever home.

We are pleased to share that 8 year old Lady (DOB 5/16/2013) is a healthy girl and still congenitally sound with clear eyes, knees, hips, and heart! While in our care we treated her for ear infections and she underwent her much needed spay and dental where she lost just 4 bad teeth. All of her labwork including her heartworm and tick borne illness test, fecal test, urinalysis, and bloodwork were all normal and negative. Lady is now up to date on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, had a recent dental, and is on monthly preventatives. She is not on any medications and does not need any additional vetting outside of regular wellness checks at this time.

Lady is a larger girl but also arrived quite overweight. She is down to about 28 pounds which is just a few pounds away from what we feel her ideal weight is (about 25 pounds). She is eating a weight management food to help support her weight loss and is getting plenty of daily activity now that she has space and freedom for the first time in her life! Like most Cavaliers, she loves her meals and her treats. Her furever family must remain committed to continuing her strictly portioned weight management meals, limited healthy treats, and daily exercise/activity to help her reach and maintain her ideal weight and best health.

Even though this is the first time Lady has been in a home environment she has done great with potty training only having a few accidents in her foster home. The key to success is giving her frequent opportunities outside to be successful so she is taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including right after meals. While she didn't know what "going out" meant, she followed the lead of her furry foster sibling and has learned. Lady will not 'signal' or alert that she needs to go, so her family must be diligent in taking the initiative to take her out frequently. Because she is treat motivated, a small high value treat immediately following good potty behavior will continue to help with reinforcement. Please know that even though Lady is reliable in her foster home, accidents are always to be expected especially while transitioning into a new home, family, and routine.

Lady's foster family describe her as "the sweetest dog ever!" She craves your love and attention and is happiest just being with you. Because she has been denied human attention and affection for so long, she just cannot get enough of it now! She literally plants herself right in front of you asking for your attention and hands on her. She loves her chin scratched and will eagerly roll over for a belly rub! And like most Cavaliers, she doesn't want to be apart from you so will follow you around the house from room to room. One of her biggest needs is to have someone who has the time and ability to really pay attention to her and spend quality time with her. After all, she certainly has many missed years to make up for. Therefore, we are seeking a family where someone can be with her much of the day and where she will have low alone hours.

While Lady isn't necessarily playful with toys and balls, she does engage playfully with her furry foster sister and loves to play through the fence with the next door neighbors dogs as well. She is absolutely loving her new found outdoor freedom and chases her furry foster sister all over the backyard! They also love to go on hunting expeditions together where they will chase birds and squirrels and follow scents! Even when inside, they are frequently "on watch" over their domain as they sit in the window sill and alert for any critters or the occasional passersby in the neighborhood. Because she absolutely loves being outside and having the ability to run around freely and explore, we are seeking a home with a safe and secured fenced yard for her. Lady goes up and down the few outdoor steps to the yard like a pro but is still intimidated by full flights of stairs. She may try to go down one or two but then turns around and waits for help to be carried down. Therefore, her family must be able and comfortable carrying 28 pounds.

When Lady isn't busy being active outdoors or following her foster mom all around the house, she loves a good cav-nap and will catch up on her "zzz's" while her foster mom is working from home - of course breaking frequently for trips outside to the yard for potty, play, and fresh air, and also for plenty of pets and loving too. While she spends most of the day with her foster family, during the short periods of time when no one is home, Lady stays in a comfy crate right next to her furry foster sister. She goes in willingly and is content and comfortable as long as she is with her foster sibling who is not just a valued companion to her but also her 'security blanket'. At night, she also sleeps in the crate right with her foster sibling and will often put herself to bed in the evening when she is ready to retire.

Lady has thrived in her foster home due largely to her furry foster sibling who is a young lab mix. These two are best furiends and never apart! Her foster sibling provides for her not only the companionship that she needs but also the leadership allowing Lady to follow and model after her. Because Lady has never been in a home, a part of a family, or around people before, she relies on her furry foster sibling to know what to do and how to act and is often picking up on her cues and mimicking her actions and behaviors. We feel she would be completely lost without the companionship and leadership of another resident dog in the home so we are seeking a home and family with another welcoming, well socialized, well adjusted dog. Lady has been around both dogs of her own size as well as larger, gentle dogs and she has responded wonderfully with all. Lady has not encountered any cats while in our care so we are unsure how she would do with a feline friend in the home.

Initially Lady was quite timid and afraid as everything was brand new, but over the course of the past 2 months she has learned to trust her foster family and feel safe and secure in her foster home. Still, she is uncomfortable being picked up, held, and handled but is starting to become less tense and more relaxed. She can still startle and spook if someone moves too quickly and too closely towards her. She is doing fantastic meeting people outside of her foster home where she is curious and interested in new people and accepting of gentle love and attention, but she continues to struggle with people coming into her foster home which she has come to view as her safe haven. If someone other than her family living there comes into the home she becomes vocal and growls. Her foster family has been managing this by taking Lady outside of the home to meet the individual first and then coming into the home together using treats offered by the individual coming over to both show that they are 'safe and good' but also to distract and reinforce good and appropriate behavior. We feel this behavior is still likely rooted in fear and distrust and likely to improve with continued socialization and the building of more trust in humans so she can learn that people coming into her home are of no threat to her.

Because of this behavior, we are only comfortable placing Lady in an adult only home. She thrives off routine and finds comfort and security in things and people that are familiar. She would not do well in a loud, busy, chaotic home, one with people coming in and out of the home frequently, or a family who is too busy and lacks the time and energy to be able to devote to her. She needs a committed, patient, loving family who can shower her with the time, love, attention and affection that she is starving for while continuing to help her with her socialization and managing her 'on guard' behavior inside the home. Lady is learning to walk on leash in a quiet, low traffic neighborhood and is also enjoying car rides where she can look out the window. These are both great ways to continue to gently work on her socialization and positively expose to this big new world around her.

At age 8 Lady is getting a second chance at life and looking for a family to help support her in making sure the rest of her years are the best of her years. She would be happiest and thrive best in a quiet, adult only home where someone can be with her much of the day to shower her with attention and affection. She needs a safe and secured fenced yard and a canine furiend for companionship and leadership. She would love plenty of outdoor time and opportunities for activity, engagement, and play. Lastly, she needs a family who can manage her 'guarding' behavior inside the home and continue to show and teach her that humans can be trusted again. If you feel you may be the perfect match for this beautiful, healthy, sweet, loving girl, please complete an Adoption Application found on our website (, and then email us at to express your interest. Lady is being fostered in St. Louis, Missouri (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation is $400.