• Female
  • Age: ~ 11  (DOB 12/31/2008)
  • 16#
  • Mild asymptomatic murmur, blind, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donations :$150


  Birmingham, Alabama

Every 3 months little Layla checks in with our ophthalmologist to ensure her remaining right eye remains in good shape 👌🏻 You may remember that she arrived into rescue needing an emergency enucleation (removal) of her left eye. Her right eye is blind due to retinal detachment (which is irreversible) and an advanced cataract, but did not require removal. We’ve been monitoring it over the past 8 months where it has thankfully remained stable 🙌🏻

Like many Cavaliers, she has ‘dry eye’ meaning the eye doesn’t produce an adequate amount of tears and so we supplement her tear production with an artificial tear as well as use a tear stimulant to help boost her own tear production. This has kept her cornea in good shape, her eye nice and comfortable, and thankfully her intraocular pressure has always remained low and normal ✔️

Layla is in fantastic shape for 11 years old, having just the ‘dry eye’ requiring daily drops, and a mild, asymptomatic heart murmur typical for a Cavalier of her age. Her joints are in great shape and she shows no sign of slowing down! She is up to date on vaccinations, spayed, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. Outside of regular wellness checks with a veterinarian, she should remain in the care of a veterinary ophthalmologist for routine monitoring of her eye.

Layla is available for adoption and we are seeking

a special furever family willing to open their home and

heart to her 💜  Her adoption requirements are:

🏡 Someone home most of the day

🌱 Safe and secure fenced yard
💜 Canine furiend / help


Layla was brought into an animal control in Georgia as a stray. After being held and never reclaimed, Layla was welcomed in to our program. She arrived in very, very poor physical shape and it was clear that she had been without even basic care for a very long time. She was truly in need of rescue and landed in the right place. Now after much medical care, recovery, and care, sweet Layla is all fixed up and ready to find the most perfect furever family who will open their heart and home to a special needs senior gal!

While we do not know any background on sweet Layla, our vets have estimated her to be about 11 years old. She was a tiny little thing at 12 pounds but with a big determined, relentless, warrior spirit! She came in flea infested and with terrible skin and hair loss. Her skin and coat are much improved now that she is eating a high quality diet and getting lots of TLC, but it will continue to take time for it grow back in. When she arrived, she had a very bad eye which was about to rupture (see photo) and required an emergency procedure to remove the eye. A prosthetic was put in its place (to prevent a caved in appearance), and the lid was sutured shut. We believe this eye was the result of a very hypermature cataract and secondary glaucoma left untreated. Unfortunately, her other eye which also has a very hypermature cataract, is not a candidate for cataract removal surgery due to the nature and luxation of the lens. Although she doesn't have any vision in this eye, her pressure has continued to been low and stable since she arrived so there was no need for removal. This eye is getting daily drops to help keep it in good shape (about $30/month) and Layla should still be under the care of an ophthalmologist for regular monitoring.

One Layla recovered from her eye removal surgery she underwent her spay surgery and mini dental removing the remaining few rotten teeth that she had left. Although she us toothless, it does not stop her from eating all her favorite things including her favorite Fromm cheese cracker treats. While Layla faced a lot of neglect type issues, she actually is still in amazing congenital health, especially for her age! She only has a very mild, asymptomatic heart murmur (grade 1) and clear hips and knees with no signs of arthritis or slowing down. She is truly a girl on the move! Layla is now up to date on vaccinations, spayed, had recent dental, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. Outside of regular wellness checks and occasional monitoring by a ophthalmologist, Layla does not require any additional vetting.

In addition to being blind, Layla is also hard of hearing. Therefore, companionship and touch is so important to her. Layla's biggest need is to be able to be with her human most of the day. She takes a lot of comfort in knowing that someone is with her and can be distressed if she is not able to find you. She likes frequent "check ins" (a touch) to reassure her that you are there and she is not alone. Because she is so tiny, she is very portable and would love to accompany you, when appropriate, instead of being left at home. That said, in times that she cannot be with a her human, she needs furry companionship. We are looking for a home with another Cavalier or dog of similar size and temperament and one who would welcome the role of being her eyes and ears and helping her learn her new environment. She shares her foster home with 3 other Cavaliers and who she gets along with very well and who she loves to snuggle up with. She will sandwich herself right in between them which makes her feel safe and comfy.

Despite being blind and hard of hearing, Layla is not cautious about being on her feet and moving about. She is very comfortable exploring but safety precautions do need to be taken! Because Layla is so confident and brave, she will even attempt things like stairs if not properly blocked, especially if she is on the hunt to find her human. We will require that her new home have gates to block the stairs and she must be carried up and down. She would also navigate best in a home that is more 'open' and with not a lot of things that she could bump in to or potentially harm her. When we do a home visit we will advise on how to best 'Layla proof' the home to ensure her safety and best mobility. Outside, she does need a safe and secured fenced yard so she can explore freely and safely. She is very tiny so we will need to be sure that fencing is secure with no holes or big gaps. Layla is great about going potty when taken outside - she appears to be reliably potty trained as she can not had an accident in foster care. That said, she will need to learn her new people, environment and routine. Her favorite, cheese treats, will help to reinforce her good potty behavior.

Layla's favorite thing is just being with her special human. She is a little snuggle bug and will crawl and curl right into your lap. If you are on your feet, she will come find you and crawl up your leg to let you know she wants to be held and loved on. She is so super sweet! She spends most of her day with her foster mom but when no humans are home, Layla stays in a puppy proofed area of the home with her Cavalier foster siblings. Layla does not do well with confinement as she doesn't understand it and becomes very anxious and distressed trying to get out- she should not ever be crated. Her favorite part of the day is getting into the BIG bed with you to sleep. She sleeps very well and peacefully through the night close to you feeling safe and sound. For her safety, she shouldn't be on the bed without a human and we would recommend rails on the side of the bed to be extra safe.

Layla is a super sweet, friendly, outgoing girl with a warrior spirit. She does not let her deficits negatively affect her in any way - it is obvious that this girl is a survivor as there is absolutely nothing that Layla is afraid to do or can't do! She does require some special accommodations in he home and of her new family but she is so well worth the extra effort. We are seeking a home with a safe and secure fenced yard and willingness to use gates and other safety measures. We are seeking a family with someone home much of the day and another furry furiend to help her. Layla requires daily eye drops and must be within reasonable driving distance to a veterinary ophthalmologist. If you feel you are a match and ready to open your heart and home to a super special senior gal, please complete an adoption application found on our website and then email us at to express your interest. Layla is located in Birmingham, Alabama, (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation is $150.