• Female
  • Age: 8   (DOB 4/25/2011)
  • 27.5# (on the "Abby plan" to lose 10#)
  • Luxating patellas, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $400


  Harvest, Alabama

We welcomed sweet Lexi into our care after we learned that her owner had just passed away 💔 We were able to locate her vet records where we learned that Lexi turned 8 years old in April. Over the weekend she made her way down to Birmingham, Alabama and yesterday she underwent her intake vetting so we could learn more about her health and her needs. While there is absolutely no doubt that Lexi was so loved and well cared for, she was obviously overfed as Lexi is obese and weighs double what she should. Sadly, she is suffering with this extra weight. She has an elongated soft palete as well and so the combination of the poor airway, obesity, Alabama summer heat, and stress from adjusting is making it very difficult for this poor girl to simply breathe. It is very difficult watching her struggle.

Lexi has bilateral luxating patellas (one knee far worse than the other) which is obvious from her limp and gait change. Carrying the extra weight is only further exacerbating the issue and causing her more pain and discomfort. We’ve started her on joint supplements but the weight must. come. off. to be able to give her relief.

Lexi also has ‘dry eye’ meaning she does not produce an adequate amount of tears. Untreated, this can lead to many secondary problems including vision loss. So we’ve started Miss Lexi on several eye drops to help stimulate more tear production and to keep the eyes properly lubricated and comfortable.

Thankfully Miss Lexi is already spayed and is not in urgent need of a dental so we aren’t having to put her under anesthesia. All her labwork came back normal and negative and so weight loss is the top priority right now. She has been placed in a foster home with a pool where she will begin swimming for exercise and where she will begin her strict diet. For those of you who are long time followers, you’ll know what we mean when we say she is on the “Abby Plan” (Abby's Extreme Makeover)! We expect her to respond beautifully to the plan and for the weight to melt off! We will be sure to share her progress along the way. Every day is another step in the right direction to getting this girl back to her best self 💜