• Male
  • Age: almost 5   (DOB 10/23/2014)
  • 17#
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $550


  Lebanon, Missouri

🏡 Someone home much of the day
🐶 OK as an only dog, or with a Canine companion of larger size and similar temperament
🌱 Safe and secured fenced in yard, preferred
💜 Older, gentle children okay

Sweet 4 year old (10/23/2014) Lincoln came into our care after he was released by a breeder. Lincoln arrived with medical issues indicative of living in a filthy puppy mill environment including ear infections, hookworms, ear mites, and a urinary tract infection. In fact, poor Lincoln’s raw, bloody, painful ears were some of the worst we have seen 💔

Thankfully, Lincoln responded very well to treatment and he is now free of infection, mites, and worms. He is on monthly preventions to ensure there is no regrowth of the hookworms and ear mites. He also underwent his neuter surgery and much needed dental, loosing 6 bad teeth. Lincoln’s heartworm test was negative and his bloodwork was normal. He is congenitally sound at this time with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart. He is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, had a recent dental, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. He had a medical recheck on the 7th and is being treated for a small cornea ulcer which should heal quickly.  While he shows no signs of infection, his right ear is sensitive to deep cleaning, so we are  doing one more round of ear treatment to be extra sure he is all clear. His right ear may always be sensitive due to years of chronic infection.  His new family will need to make sure his ears are cleaned regularly as part of his bathing/grooming routine. 

Lincoln is a dainty little eater and takes his time for meals. He is eating high quality food and has gained some much needed weight since his arrival, now weighing a healthy 17 pounds. Lincoln has gotten used to twice a day portioned meals with treats in between to ensure he stays at his ideal weight as extra weight on Cavaliers can be strenuous on joint and heart health. Lincoln has come to enjoy yummy, high value treats in foster care which help motivate him in learning new habits. His new diet is also helping his "shaved" fuzzy coat he came with. We can already see shiny, silky hair on his head and neck,  so we can imagine how beautiful the rest of his coat will be once it grows back out. He tends to guard his food and treats, so he will need to be feed in a seperate area.

Lincoln has been a very brave boy in learning new things and exploring his new surroundings. His foster mom has been working on leash training where those treats sure come in handy. Lincoln is learning that walking on a leash means new exciting adventures! He has also been going on car rides where he gets to sit in his snoozer car seat. He will occasionally let out a nervous whine and his foster mom will reach over to give him an encouraging pat and reassurance to let him know everything is okay. Lincoln really feeds off positive reinforcement and looks to his Cavalier foster siblings and mom to communicate that everything is well. 

Lincoln is a smart boy and doing very well with potty training. Initially, he would urinate out of fear and nervousness but plenty of positive reinforcement and verbal communication was used to assure Lincoln that he was okay. As he grew more confident and comfortable, this subsided. Lincoln should be given plenty of opportunities to be successful being taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between. As with all our Cavaliers, continued potty training is necessary and accidents are to be expected, especially while the dog is learning their new environment, people, and routine. Lincoln likes to celebrate all the wins, and potty training was a big one!

Because Lincoln has discovered toys, he will happily play and make them squeak,. However, this new found joy casues him  to guard a toy at times. He does best with dogs who are a little larger than he is as he tends to challenge smaller dogs to get his toys and responds to them with a growl, which is inappropriate. He has only shown this behavior towards dogs who are smaller than he is. We believe he would be fine as an only dog or with other well-adjusted dogs who are a bit larger than he is. He did not display this behavior with his 25# foster brothers.

Lincoln thinks nap time is the best time and he takes a snooze several different times a day. He likes the warm sun and likes to nuzzle in his Jakey Blankey.  During the day, if his foster mom is away, Lincoln is kept is a safe puppy proofed area of the home. Camera footage has revealed that he may do a little exploring, but mostly just naps. At night, Lincoln sleeps in a crate with his Jakey Blankey.  We know that Lincoln would love being invited into the big bed with his humans.

Lincoln is shorter in stature, so his new family needs to be prepared to make concessions for furniture. While Lincoln does a good job maneuvering stairs, he will need assistance on and off furniture and the bed. A set of doggie stairs or a ramp would be ideal. While Lincoln enjoys the company of his Cavalier foster brothers and sisters, Lincoln is truly a lap dog and enjoys most the company of his humans. He attaches and bonds quite quickly once showered with gentle love. We feel Lincoln would do well in an adult only home or in a family with older, gentle children.

We feel Lincoln would be happiest in a home with another Cavalier or other dog of larger size and mild temperament and a part of a family where he can spend much of the day with his people enjoying plenty of laps and love. While he is working on his leash training, we prefer to find him a home with a safe and secured fenced in yard for potty purposes and where he can enjoy his new found freedom. If you feel you are the perfect match for Lincoln, please complete an adoption application found on our website, and then email us at to express your interest. Lincoln is being fostered in Birmingham, Alabama (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $550.