Lizzie & Spanky 

  • Lizzie- Female    Spanky - Male
  • 10 year old bonded pair
  • Lizzie-14#     Spanky; 21# 
  • Both have dry eyes, Lizzie has a mild asymtomatic murmur (3/6), otherwise  Healthy!
  • Adoption donation $500 (for the pair)


  Marietta, Georgia

We welcomed in bonded pair, Spanky (blenheim) and Lizzy (tricolor) after we sprung them out of an animal control in Georgia. We have since been able to retrieve some previous medical records and have learned that they are both 10 years old - Spanky DOB 7/11/2010, Lizzy DOB 12/2/2009. On Thursday, they underwent their full intake vetting so we could learn more about their health.

Both are in good health - all of their labwork was negative and normal including their fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork. While they are both already spayed and neutered, they do need dental cleanings which we will move forward with. We brought them up to date on vaccinations and implanted microchips. Their physical exams checked out well except for Spanky’s eyes which are dry. Because of the untreated dryness he developed a corneal ulcer and infection which we are now treating and have also started him on medications to help boost his tear production and keep his eyes lubricated. While Spanky’s heart was surprisingly clear, an audible murmur was detected on Lizzy which is to be expected for a senior Cavalier. She is asymptomatic and we may even find that once her bad dental health is addressed, the murmur may improve, which often happens. Both of their orthopedic health is great, especially for their age - their knees and hips are clear and range of motion is great. Spanky weighed in at 21 pounds, his ideal weight, and little Lizzy at 14 pounds, also her ideal weight. They had already been cut quite short when they arrived but their beautiful feathers and fur should grow back in nicely.

While Spanky does great with Lizzy he seems to be happiest having no other dogs around. It looks like we have found them a foster home in the Atlanta, Georgia area with Cavalier experience but that doesn’t have any current Cavaliers which will make Spanky very happy. We will be sure to keep you posted as we learn more about this pair 💜