• Female
  • Age: 2  (DOB 2/2/2017)
  • 19# 
  • Luxating patellas, otherweise Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $600


  Nashville, Tennessee

We rescued sweet Lizzie out of the puppy mill industry via auction. This sweet girl just turned 2 years old on February 2nd. She arrived so filthy, completely caked in mud. We could have never anticipated it but after a much needed bath, she turned into quite a little fluff ball! Lizzie is cautiously curious about this new world around her but is absolutely dying to be petted and snuggled and loved. So once shown very gentle love, she warms up quickly, rolls on her back for belly rubs and soaks it all up! She seems to enjoy being held and loved on which will really serve her well as she learns to trust humans for the first time. To show her appreciation, she kisses your nose 💜 Outside of the typical neglect medical issues we see with our puppy mill dogs, we aren’t seeing any stand out health issue, but she will undergo her intake vetting on Monday once she arrives here to Birmingham, Alabama.