• Male
  • Age:  ~4
  • 19#
  • Overall Healthy!
  • Adoption donation $550


  Temple, Texas

- Prefers to be the only dog

- Older, gentle children okay
- Someone home much of the day/ low alone hours

Lucca found his way to us after he was picked up 'stray' by a good samaritan. He was found intact, in rough physical shape, and with no tags and no microchip. Despite our best efforts, we were not able to locate Lucca's family. Having no name, background, or information on this sweet boy, we named him Lucca and our vets feel he is about 4 years old.

Lucca has undergone all of his intake vetting including his neuter surgery and dental resulting in the extracting of a few bad teeth. He arrived with a bad urinary tract infection which he has since been treated for and cleared of. Lucca's heartworm and tick borne illness test was negative, his fecal test was negative, and his bloodwork is all normal. He is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. He is healthy and congenitally sound with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart. He is not on any medications and does not require any vetting outside of regular wellness check at this time. Lucca arrived overweight at 23 pounds but has slimmed down nicely to his ideal weight of 19 pounds, making him typical in size. His furever family should be committed to maintaining his ideal weight by continuing his strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and providing for him opportunities for daily activity and exercise. He has a lovely full coat and the most adorable curly ears. He loves to be brushed!

Lucca appears to be reliably potty trained as he has not had any accidents in his foster home. He seems to be familiar with a doggie door as he didn't hesitate to go in and out of it and takes himself out when he needs to. That said, his new family should be diligent in providing frequent opportunities for him to go out and to be successful. He should go out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including right after meals. Please know that even though Lucca has been reliable in his foster home that accidents are to be expected while transitioning into a new home, family, and routine.

Lucca's foster family describes him as sweet, playful, and needy. His favorite things are attention and then toys - in that order! He craves and seeks constant attention. We feel a lot of this may be due to his likely abandonment and the emotional trauma that caused him. He requires a lot of reassurance and attention at this time, but we expect this to improve once he is settled where he will be forever - we have already seen improvement in the short time that he has been in foster care. He feels safest and happiest being physically close to you. If he could crawl under your skin, he would! He is snuggly, cuddly, and affectionate, in true Cavalier form!

Luca loves toys (okay, he may be a little obsessed with toys!) but he does not like to share them with his Cavalier foster siblings. Despite there being dozens of toys available, he only wants the one that his foster siblings have and will be relentless until he is able to get it. Be aware that if you start to play fetch with a toy, you cannot stop! Lucca can be vocal in asking for what he wants and certainly has no problem asking you to keep throwing it! For all these reasons, it is best and healthiest for Lucca to come to learn and expect designated "toy time" versus having unlimited access to them which can make him overly excited and over the top.

Lucca typically starts his day around 7am and is let out for pottying. He eats breakfast around 8am and then lounges for much of the day around the house while his foster mom works from home. Playtime / toy time is around 4pm and then he cuddles up with everyone for some evening down time before he hits the sack around 10pm where he sleeps very well throughout the night close to his foster mom on the BIG bed. As we mentioned previously that he likes to be physically close, we are looking for a family who will invite him into the big bed. While his foster mom is home with him much of the day, during times when no humans are home, Lucca stays in a puppy proofed area of the home and does well. He is very well behaved when left for short periods of time. He does not have accidents and has never shown any signs of destruction. We do not recommend that Lucca is crated as we have found that he becomes more anxious when strictly confined. We are looking for a family who can provide for him low alone hours.

Lucca's biggest need is for someone able to give him the attention, time, reassurance, physical closeness, and affection that he craves! He will wiggle his way in right next to you and then paw at you if you stop petting him. He seems to just not be able to get enough love! He appears to have been well socialized with humans as he knows no strangers and seeks out love and petting from all. He has done well with older, gentle children and we feel like we could be happiest in a home with children because the more hands and the more laps for Lucca, the better! That said, he very much wants to be the center of attention and so an active family who is too busy would not be good for him.

We feel that Lucca would be happiest as an only dog. Because he wants to be the center of attention, it can create a "competitive" environment if there are other dogs in the home. And because he is toy obsessed, specifically with toys that other dogs have, and does not like to share any of his things, that can sometimes be a difficult environment to manage with other dogs. He has not been exposed to cats while in our care. Lucca is used to a fenced yard with doggie door access in his foster home and certainly enjoys his outdoor freedom. He would love a safe and secured fenced in yard but that is not as high priority as some of his other needs so we are open to families who are committed to leash walking as well. Lucca is comfortable on leash but not the best walker - he could be a pro with more practice.

Lucca could benefit from formal, positive based, training classes and we will ask that his adopting family provide that for him. He is certainly food motivated and while that can be helpful with training, he can get so excited about a treat that it can be difficult for him to focus. His foster family has been working on his "sit" command which he can now do but can't keep that wiggly butt sitting for too long. He is a smart boy and we feel that he is capable of being a superstar with the right, positive based training and practice.

Lucca is a sweet, healthy, beautiful boy who will thrive in the right environment. He would do best in a home where someone can be with him much of the day to shower him with the love and attention that he can’t get enough of. He would be happiest as the only dog where can be the center of attention and would do well with older, gentle children. He needs someone who has the time and patience to not only work with him on his continued training but also to provide for him the activity and engagement that he needs. If you feel you may the right match for darling Lucca, please complete an adoption application which you can find on our website and then email us at to express your interest. Lucca is being fostered in Temple, Texas (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $550.