• Female
  • Age 7 (DOB 11/3/2013)
  • 18# 
  • Asymptomatic G1 Murmur, otherwise healthy! 
  • Adoption donation $400


  Lebanon, Missouri

🏑 Someone home much of day / low alone hours
🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard
🐢 Canine companion of similar size & temperament
πŸ’œ Gentle children okay
Back in February we welcomed sweet little Lucy who came to us as a breeder release/retiree and was finally getting her shot at freedom, love, family, and happiness at age 7 (DOB 11/03/13). After spending 6 weeks in foster care, Lucy is now healthy and is really coming out of her shell as she continues to discover all the wonders of retirement.
Lucy arrived with some medical issues including a nasty wheeze in her lungs that her breeder said she had for some time. She responded very well to antibiotics and the wheezing improved however, because she has likely had chronic neglected respiratory infections, she is left with some scar tissue and will continue to have a slight wheeze when she plays hard or overly exerted. It does not seem to bother or impede her breathing, but we ask that the adopting family just be mindful of this. Her heart sounds very good for her age and only a mild, barely there grade 1 murmur was detected, likely due to mitral valve disease which is very common for adult Cavaliers. Once she finished antibiotics and was cleared, she underwent her spay and much needed dental where she lost 5 icky teeth.
Like so many breeding dogs who live in confinement and do not get many opportunities for activity and exercise, Lucy also arrived with unstable and loose knees and even a limp. Now that she has had the opportunity for consistent daily physical activity she has built up strength and gained stability, her knees have tightened up, and are no longer giving her any problems. We started her on a daily joint supplement chew (Dasuquin with MSM) which should be continued to promote good joint health. To keep her knees feeling good, she needs to remain at her healthy ideal weight of 18 pounds, jumping on and off furniture should be discouraged, and should be cautious on slippery flooring and hardwood stairs. All of Lucy's labwork including her heartworm and tick borne illness test, fecal test, urinalysis, and bloodwork was normal and negative. Lucy is now up to date on vaccinations, spayed, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. She is not on any medications other than her daily joint supplement.
Lucy has learned that mealtime can be quite exciting, and she will "sing" 🎢 for her food! She loves her meals, which she gets twice a day, and will try to surf her furry foster brother and sister's food bowls so supervision is needed. Her family will need to be committed to continuing her strictly portioned meals which will help Lucy maintain her ideal weight and best health. Lucy has been introduced to treats and those are expected after any notable accomplishments πŸ†. We will be sure to send a bag of her food and treats to her new home.
Even though this is the first time little Lucy Goose has ever been in a home environment, she has done well with potty training. She uses the safe and secured fenced yard in her foster home to take care of potty business and is let out every few hours to ensure potty training success - first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including right after meals and naps. Lucy is highly praised during outside potty time and is very receptive to this positive reinforcement. She is always monitored when inside the home and close supervision is certainly recommended while potty training continues - Lucy's foster mom limits the areas she has access to in the home. Please know that especially while transitioning to a new environment and routine, accidents are always to be expected.
Lucy has really blossomed during her time in foster care and it is a joy to see her having fun and enjoying her new found freedom! She enjoys zipping around the house as well as the yard. Her tricolor Cavalier foster brother will often engage in a good game of zoomies with her, and they are a hoot to watch! Her foster brother is also her best buddy and pawtner in crime - together they like to explore, and steal laundry, especially shoes. Lucy has 3 Cavalier foster siblings and we attribute her quick learning to them. She can observe their actions and keys in on acceptable behavior in the home. This has allowed her to quickly gain confidence and feel comfortable in her surroundings. Because of this bond, we will be seeking a home where Lucy will have compatible canine friends of similar size and temperament for both companionship and leadership. She would enjoy a furry playmate who will be active and play with her. She would also do well with a dog-friendly feline in the home.
Lucy has proven to be smart and a fast learner - she quickly picked up on the schedule of her foster family. She is content to play and be active during appropriate times, and equally loves couch naps when it is time to wind down after a big day. Additionally, Lucy shows healthy interest in people and children. She actively seeks attention and affection from people who are near her although sudden, quick, and loud sounds and movements will startle her so some care needs to be taken when approaching and engaging with her. We think Lucy will continue to thrive in a home that provides appropriate mental and physical stimulation. Lucy's foster mom is retired, so there is little time for Lucy to be left alone. But when her mom is away, Lucy happily crates with her foster siblings in a large secure kennel where she goes in with a treat. She will be happiest in a home where she can be with someone much of the day and have low alone hours. At the end of the day, Lucy accompanies everyone to the big bed. Her Jakey Blankey comes with her, and she will soundly sleep through the night curled next to whomever will snuggle.
Due to Lucy's past, she is just now discovering that there is a whole world of toys and objects for her to explore. While Lucy is very curious about all these new objects, she is equally receptive to correction when she explores past her parameters. Lucy likes to explore with her mouth and without supervision, she will escalate from exploring, to carrying items around, to chewing on said items. This behavior needs to be properly addressed and positive reinforcement needs to be used to redirect her energy and attention. Lucy has chosen a few favorite toys in her foster home and those will go with her to her forever home. Her family will need to be mindful of toys, and other objects, as Lucy is figuring out what is acceptable to play with and what is not, and will need to be diligent about maintaining a very 'puppy proofed' home - keeping clothes and other 'things' picked up, only allowing Lucy to have appropriate items while under supervision. It is important to note that fabric items are extremely dangerous if ingested and so for her safety it is imperative that Lucy be closely monitored and not given too much freedom and access too quickly.
While Lucy has gotten comfortable wearing her collar with ID tag at all times, she is not yet receptive to wearing a harness or engaging in leash walking. This is a very advanced skill for our breeding dogs who have never been introduced to this and while it is possible that eventually Lucy will be able to train and master this task, right now it is way too much, too soon and only scares and stresses her. For this reason, we will require a safe and secured physical fence for pottying purposes and so that Lucy is able to continue engaging in fun and exciting new activities like her zoomies. Lucy has proven to be an exceptional car rider, and loves going on these adventures 🚘. She has a Snoozer car seat that she rides securely in, next to her foster siblings. The car seat boosts her high enough she can observe all her surroundings and experience a lot of stimuli safely. Likewise, Lucy does enjoy a jaunt through the park while riding in a doggie stroller. She is able to be tethered securely in her stroller, and much like her car booster seat, this allows her to experience new and exciting things ,safely. Riding in a car or stroller is the perfect opportunity to train Lucy that a harness means fun and activity.
Lucy’s pawfect family would be one that enjoys activities together and is able to shower her with lots of love and a little extra attention. She would be happiest as a part of a family where she can be with a companion all the time (human or canine), and can be provided with opportunities for adventure where she can safely explore and socialize with both humans and canines. She needs a puppy proofed home with a safe and secured fenced yard. If you feel you may be a wonderful match for Lucy, please complete an Adoption Application found on our website (, and then email us at to express your interest. Lucy is being fostered in Lebanon, Missouri (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation is $400.