• Male
  • Age: Approx 6-8  
  • 24.8# 
  • Opthalmology evaluation pending,dental pending
  • Adoption donation $TBA


  Atlanta, Georgia

Meet Luke! Luke is one of the 4 Cavaliers that we took in from the Charlotte, North Carolina hoarding situation. Luke recently underwent his full intake vetting and will undergo his ophthalmology consultation next week.

Luke is suffering from hair loss, thickened calloused skin, and secondary infection due to the poor living environment he was in including being infested with fleas. We are treating his skin as well as his ears.

Luke has eye issues. He has severe “dry eye” meaning he is not producing an adequate amount of tears and because this has been neglected he is suffering with secondary issues like infection, inflammation, corneal ulceration, vascularization, pigmentation, and decreased vision. We have started him on eye drops to help clear infection, reduce inflammation, and stimulate his tear production and he will see a veterinary ophthalmologist next week.

We don’t know how old Luke is and it is hard to “age” because of the severe neglect. His shelter document stated his age as 6 years old, but we think around 8 years old. We will have the ophthalmologist weigh in next week. Once he visits with the ophthalmologist, the next step will be a dental to address his severe dental disease. We will be sure to keep you posted as we tackle all of his needs and get him looking and feeling muuuuuch better! Luke is being fostered in Atlanta, Georgia 💜

UPDATE Oct 22, 2020  Luke had a recheck at the vet, as well as an eye evaluation at the Ophthalmologist today.  While he is mostly blind, he gets around splendidly.

UPDATE Oct 30, 2020: The Charlotte dogs continue to make great medical improvements - sweet Luke had a recheck this week and his ear infections and skin infections are all clear 👌🏻 His eyes have responded very well to drops as the infection has cleared, the corneal ulcer has healed, inflammation is down, and his tears are now within normal limits. We also underwent a much needed dental this week where he lost 10 bad teeth that he won’t miss one bit.
On Monday he will see our ophthalmologist in Birmingham, Alabama so we can learn more about his eyes and see if there is anything we can do to help improve his vision. In the meantime he is resting up and recovering well from his dental 💜

UPDATE Nov 18, 2020:  We had busy afternoon at the ophthalmologist in Birmingham, Alabama! It was a reunion of sorts for the Charlotte dogs, minus Watson whose appointment is next week. Hannah (left), Luke (middle), and Blossom (right) all had great rechecks 💜

Luke’s inflammation is down and he has now been cleared for cataract surgery for his right eye. His left eye has good vision and does not require any procedure at this time. Next Tuesday his right eye hypermature cataract will be removed and a new lens implanted. Barring no complications, vision should then be restored in his right eye.

All the babies are being champs with their eye medications 🏆 and thriving in their foster homes. They no longer resemble the disheveled, poor, neglected dogs that we picked up just 6 weeks ago and are now bright eyed and beautiful ✨, and most importantly feeling healthy and fantastic! 💜

UPDATE Nov 27, 2020: On Tuesday, sweet handsome Luke underwent right eye cataract surgery and was able to be discharged on Wednesday. He already has good vision in his left eye and now has better vision in his right. He is back in his foster home in Birmingham, Alabama recovering 💜 He will return to the ophthalmologist on Wednesday for a recheck to be sure the eye is healing properly. Luke is the final of the 4 Charlotte dogs to undergo cataract surgery 🙌🏼