• Male
  • Age: Approx 7-8  
  • 26# 
  • Dry Eyes, MVD - on medications for both
  • Adoption donation $350


  Hoover, Alabama

🏡 Someone home at least part of the day
🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard
💜Older, gentle children okay
🚘 Within reasonble driving distance to veterinary cardiologist and ophthalmologist

In Fall 2020 Luke was rescued out of a terrible hoarding situation in North Carolina and then sat in a shelter for 6 weeks in horrible shape. When he was finally able to be released the shelter refused rescue help despite his poor condition. So a good samaritan secured him and then released him into our care so he could get the medical attention he needed which has included cataract surgery and cardiac care. Luke's medical needs are now well managed and he is ready to find a family (and a couch) to call his own!
We do not know Luke's exact age or birthdate but our medical team believes he is about 7-8 years old. Luke arrived with severe visual impairment due to cataracts, dry eye, corneal ulcerations, and pigmentary keratitis. Once under the care of our ophthalmologist, his corneal ulcers healed, the pigment is breaking up, and we have successfully improved his "dry eye" where his tear production is now well within the normal range. Back in December he also underwent right eye cataract removal surgery where his luxating lens was removed. This restored his vision although he is now farsighted without a lens. His left eye cataract is considered 'immature' and not recommended to remove at this time. Not all cataracts progress to maturity and so this cataract will just need to continue to be monitored by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Luke remains on 3 eye medications - 2 of them are antiinflammatory drops thats are alternated each day, and the other is a tear stimulant that he receives twice a day. Luke will needs to remain under the care of an ophthalmologist for life and so his family must live within reasonable driving distance from one.
In addition to arriving with little eyesight, poor Luke had sores and scabs all over his body, significant hair loss, bad ear infections, and advanced dental disease. Over the course of the past 6 months, he has transformed before our eyes into the most handsome and healthy boy! His ears and skin are all clear and his fur has grown back beautifully. He did undergo a dental in our care where he lost 10 bad teeth that he doesn't miss a bit. His then weak and scrawny back end has gained much strength and stability and he is now standing at a solid 26 pounds (although to be fair his marshmallow cheeks must weigh a pound each!) Luke is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, had a recent dental, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives.
A significant heart murmur was detected at his vetting so he underwent a full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram with our veterinary cardiologist. As expected, Luke has Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) which plagues the breed, meaning that his mitral valve is insufficient. As a result, Luke is starting to have some dilation of his heart - mild dilation of the left atrium, and moderate dilation of his left ventricle. Because of the changes to the left side of his heart, he has started a daily heart medication (Vetmedin, 5mg twice a day) which will help to slow down and further progression of the heart disease. Luke will need to remain under the care of a veterinary cardiologist for recheck echocardiograms so any progression of the disease, and therefore change to medications, can best be managed. Therefore, his family must live within reasonable driving distance to one.
Luke's foster family describe him as super laid back! They say, "he is just a happy boy who is all about a good nap and has learned to haul his best self up on the sofa!" His favorite things are sleeping, eating, and laying in the sun. In true Cavalier fashion, he also very much likes to be with his people and will find him on your heels. He is happiest just hanging out with his people and getting gentle pets. He isn't playful or active and considers getting on the sofa his exercise for the day. He certainly isn't graceful doing it but he manages to haul himself up. He is looking for a home with an extra comfy couch with plenty of room for him to enjoy much of his day relaxing on!
Luke has been impressive with his potty training - in fact, his foster family doesn't remember him ever having an accident. That said, he is taken out regularly and frequently to give him plenty of opportunities to be successful including first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including right after meals. He sometimes has to be coaxed to get up and go out but once outside he will trot out and do his business. Do not expect him to 'alert' you that he needs to go out, so his family must be diligent in taking the initiative to get him up and out. Although he has been reliable in his foster home, please know that accidents are always to be expected especially initially while he learns a new home and routine.
is it any surprise that Luke is a good eater and a lover of treats?! He enjoys his twice a day meals and treats throughout the day for being such a good boy! He eats among the other spaniels in his foster home but will step away and abandon his bowl if another dog encroaches so human supervision is needed to be sure he gets his fair share. He is certainly treat motivated and we would encourage his family to continue to use them to positively reinforce all his good behaviors. We will be sure to send him home with a bag of his favorites!
When Luke's foster mom and dad work during the day, Luke and his furry foster siblings stay in a safe puppy proofed area of the home that is gated off where he has a comfortable bed to nap in. He may bark during the initial parting but he quickly settles down. He is let out mid-day for potty, pets, and treats and then his family is home in the afternoon where he spends the rest of the day and evening following them around the home or enjoying fresh air in the backyard. After dinner, he often goes for a short neighborhood stroll and then enjoys couch and TV time with his family. At night he sleeps in a comfy dog bed right next to the big bed where he can sleep safe and sound knowing his family is close by. Beware - like most Cavaliers, he snores like a lumberjack!
Luke is comfortable being on leash but is certainly not going to be your speed walking partner! He does enjoy a short, leisurely stroll around the neighborhood in nice weather. Luke does well meeting new people that he encounters when on his walks - he is curious and happy to meet you but this laid back dude doesn't get too excitable. He prefers to do most of his potty business moseying around the backyard and certainly is enjoying his new found outdoor freedom and fresh air so we are seeking a home with a safe and secured fenced yard. We have actually never even seen Luke run so he certainly doesn't require a large outdoor space. Luke's foster home does not have stairs so he has not learned how to do them. A home that walks directly out to the yard or with just a few steps would be ideal or else you may be lugging a big boy up and down until he masters them. Same thing goes for inside the home so if there are stairs he would need to go up and down please be sure you can safely and comfortably carry 26 pounds.
Luke shares his foster home with a Cavalier sister and Cocker sister and likes to be the boss of them. He gets along with them well except that he feels it is his duty to decide where they can and cannot go by intimidating them with a low growl if he doesn't want them in a space. His foster family has been working with him on his "herding" behavior and it is well managed in his foster home. Most of the time he cohabitates well with his spaniel sisters and can often be found cuddled up together. We would feel comfortable placing him in a home with another dog if the family is experienced and can continue to manage his 'herding' behaviors and not be afraid to assert their position as "house manager" instead of Luke! We also feel he could be happy as an only dog especially if he could be with his people for much of the day.
Because of his bossy tendencies, we are not comfortable placing Luke in a home with small children and are seeking an adult only home or a home with older, gentle children who know how to engage with him appropriately. Because he is happiest just hanging out and relaxing with his people, we would love to find him a family where someone can be home with him much of the day. Luke also rides great in the car, finding it a perfect opportunity to take a good snooze! Overall, he is a fairly well adjusted dog in that he is not easily startled or spooked and we haven't found him to be fearful or timid with anyone or anything.
Luke's foster family describe him as the most laid back foster they have ever had! This easy going guy is as handsome as he is sweet and has won everyone over with his big ole smooshy face! Luke does require ongoing management of some health issues and so it is important that his family is able to meet those needs. He will need to remain under the care of a veterinary ophthalmologist and veterinary cardiologist in addition to his general veterinarian so please be sure those specialities are within reasonable driving distance to you before applying. If you feel you are the perfect match for this big couch potato, please submit an Adoption Application found on our website ( and then email us at to express your interest. Luke is being fostered in Birmingham, Alabama (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $350.