• Female
  • Age: 6   (DOB 1/15/2013)
  • Weight: 18.6 lbs.
  • Healthy !
  • Adoption Donation: $500


  Houston, Texas

- Okay as only dog
- Older, gentle children okay
- Someone home much of the day

Earlier this month we welcomed in 6 year old Lyla after she was listed for free on Craigslist by her family. We were provided with very little information on her and no medical records. At her intake vetting we brought her up to date on vaccinations and began treatment for ear infections and inflamed eyes, likely a result of environment allergies. We were relieved that she was heartworm negative and the rest of her labwork was all normal and negative so we proceeded with her spay surgery and dental cleaning.

Lyla has recovered well from her surgery and is now healthy! She is also congenitally sound at this time with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart. She is up to date on vaccinations, spayed, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. Due to the suspected environmental allergy, we have her on a daily Clairitin dose. At 18.5 pounds Lyla is lean and could afford to put on a pound. Unlike most Cavaliers, Lyla is not overly food motivated. She does finish her meals but only if her foster mom accompanies her during meal time. If foster mom wanders away, Lyla will abandon her bowl and follow. She has become more enthusiastic for treats, though!

Lyla's potty training is a work in progress and her foster family is still working to determine what works best for her. It has been determined that she prefers to potty on a leash, on walks, and on a surface other than grass, and so we can only conclude that perhaps she is not used to having a yard space, or grass, to potty in and therefore this has been confusing for her. She will go out in the yard with the other dogs in her foster home but will not potty. Since she doesn't seem to understand the concept of using a yard to potty, and isn't particularly fond of hanging out outside, we are not requiring a fenced yard in her forever home. Rather, instead, she needs a family committed to taking her out on a leash for frequent opportunities to potty and for exercise. Since she is becoming more interested in treats, rewarding Lyla with a special high value treat after good outside potty behavior will really help to reinforce this. She needs a family who is patient with her and will continue her potty training.

Lyla's foster mom describes her as loving and clingy as she sticks like velcro to her foster mom's side. Her favorite thing is just snuggling up with her foster mom where she will gaze lovingly into her eyes. When foster mom is away from home, Lyla seems to view her crate as her 'safe place'. She willingly goes in to a comfy, spacious crate with her Jakey Blankey where she seems content. She likes to find something of her foster mom (usually socks) to bring into the crate with her for comfort. When she is at home with her foster dad, she likes to keep his office chair warm for him and can be found curled up there. At night, she also sleeps in her comfy crate but we feel she would love sleeping in the big bed with her forever family.

Lyla is very friendly and social with humans and greets new people with a wagging tail and wanting to receive their affection. She has been around humans of all sizes and ages and has done very well. We feel she would be happy in an adult only home or in a home with older, gentle children who know how to appropriately engage and interact with her as well as respect her space. Because she values her time with her special person so much, we would love to find her a family with an adult home much of the day to be with her. Right now she is craving as much attention and affection and time with you as she can get. This 'neediness' will likely diminish over time in her forever home once she learns she is safe and loved and that all the transitions are over. But until then, she needs a family who will welcome her 'clingyness' and who was the time to devote to doting over her and spoiling her. We get the impression that she was ignored and neglected in her former family so we need to be sure that she has a family who can provide for her the time and attention that she so desperately wants and deserves.

Lyla shares her foster home with two other Cavaliers who she struggled to cohabitate with initially. For whatever reason, Lyla feels the needs to be on the defensive when she meets new dogs almost as if to clearly communicate to the other dog to not challenge her. We feel as though this is coming from a place of feeling threatened and that once she no longer feels that 'threat', she is able to move on to being harmonious with the other dogs and even enjoy them. Just a week into being in her foster home Lyla would be found cuddling and snuggling up with her foster sisters and just soon after she is now engaging and playing with them. We would be comfortable placing her in a home with other mild mannered, non threatening dogs as long as the family is experienced with and comfortable managing the initial introductions. But because Lyla is ALL about her special human, we do feel as though she would be very happy as an only dog.

We are so thankful that Lyla ended up in our care after so many bad things could have happened to an unspayed Cavalier listed for free on Craigslist. Now it is time to find her an amazing forever family where she will be loved, cherished, and safe for forever. If you feel you are the perfect match for sweet and beautiful Miss Lyla, please complete an adoption application found on our website and then email us at to express your interest. Lyla is located in Houston, Texas (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation is $500.