• Male
  • Age: 4  (DOB 7/13/2015)
  • 13# (needs to gain a few)
  • Luxating patellas, otherwise healthy
  • Adoption Donation: $500


  Marietta, Georgia

Our Georgia team sprung sweet Macon out of a shelter and welcomed him into our care 💜 He has since undergone his intake vetting where we learned that he is around 4 years old. We brought him up to date on vaccinations and are treating him for ear infections and worms. At just 12 pounds he is emaciated which we suspect is from the worms and malnutrition. We believe his ideal weight is about 16 pounds and he’s getting plenty of good groceries in now! He also has some wounds likely from extreme scratching from a flea infestation which we see evidence of. We also see the effects of the fleas in his bloodwork where he is mildly anemic due to the blood sucking fleas. Most concerning are his luxating patellas which are very obvious when he walks, although has shown no sign of pain or discomfort and they certainly do not slow him down at all 💨 We have started him on joint supplements and hopeful for some improvement. Lastly, we do not suspect he is neutered but there is no evidence of testicles meaning that he is likely cryptorchid. On Monday he will head to the vet for an ultrasound in hopes of being able to identify them and move forward with a neuter. Macon is having a ball in foster care where he spends his days romping and wrestling with his new Cavalier friend, Bear 🐻