• Male
  • Age: 10  (DOB 4/15/2008)
  • 24#
  • MVD managed with daily meds, otherwise a healthy senior!
  • Adoption Donation: $150


  Sacramento, California


Dapper Max was just released by his family into our care after experiencing some family changes. He has had a turbulent past few months and we will help to make his transition into rescue as easy as pawsible 🐾

His echocardiogram revealed Max is suffering from moderate MVD as expected for a 10 year old Cavalier. His conditon is well managed by daily meds: Vetmedin 2.5 mg twice daily, Enalapril 5mg once daily, and Lasix 10mg once daily.   

We also have him on 500mg of a daily Taurine supplement to support his heart health.