• Male
  • Age: 8  (DOB 5/6/2013)
  • 15#
  • Luxating patella (right), otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donations: $350


  Vestavia Hills, Alabama


Mick is recently rescued out of the puppy mill industry. He is a little guy at 15 pounds with a little bit of his tongue hanging out. We were concerned this was due to rotting teeth or worse but although he does have severe dental disease it appears as though his tongue is just too big for his narrow mouth. He has now undergone his neuter and a much needed dental with the handful of bad teeth extracted and this may now provide a little extra room for his tongue in his mouth.

Mick was treated for eye infections, ear infections, and giardia. While his heart is clear at this time, he has a right luxating patella and arthritis in his knees. It does not seem to cause him any discomfort or affect his mobility. He takes a daily joint supplement to help support his joint health.

Poor Mick is terrified of humans and quite traumatized from his time in the puppy mill industry. He requires a lot of time, patience, gentle love, and encouragement. He has come a long way in foster care!