• Female
  • Age: 7  (DOB 11/5/2011)
  • 21.8# (needs to shed 5)
  • Neurogenic keratoconjunctivitiss (being treated),                                                                                                                                        otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $TBA


  Birmingham, Alabama

Millie is a 7 year old owner release who spent the first 5 years of her life in a puppy mill. As a result she has medical and emotional issues that need properly management. She arrived with an obvious eye issue and intake vetting revealed that she has absolutely no tear production in her left eye. This left her with secondary issues including an abrasion and infection. We also found a very red, inflamed left ear and a very dry, crusty nose. She also has a high fever at 103.7. This left us with some puzzle pieces that we knew had to go together.

We were pleased that her heartworm, tick borne illness, fecal, and bloodwork were all normal and negative. We were told she had a history of chronic urinary tract infections so we chose to forgo a basic urinalysis and sent urine out for a urine culture, whihc came back negative.  She has not shown any classic UTI clinical signs in foster care.  Her knees, hips, and heart all checked out clear!

Left puzzled by the left side ear, eye, nose connection, we contacted our ophthalmologist who squeezed her in for a consultation. Millie was diagnosed with neurogenic keratoconjunctivitis which involves both a dry eye and a dry nose. This was likely brought on from the severe inflammation and eardrum rupture of her left ear (and what we suspect may be causing the fever). Unlike immune mediated dry eye, which is what is most common with Cavaliers, neurogenic dry eye does not respond well to eye drop tear stimulants. So in addition to eye drops, Millie has been prescribed Pilocarpine which is taken orally and which stimulates and activates the glands which will lubricate the eye and nasal cavity. Until she is able to produce an adequate number of tears, she is also being administered artificial tears around the clock to help keep her eyes lubricated and comfortable. We are also treating what we believe is the primary issue, her ear. Millie will return to our ophthalmologist in a week for a recheck.

Millie is a sweet, shy girl who is having a hard time with all the changes in her life. The medical issues and vetting certainly don’t help either but we are hopeful that in getting her feeling better, we will start to see her come around. send some extra love Millie’s way and We will be sure to keep you posted on her progress 💜