Mimi was an extra special little, as in 7.6 pounds, girl that not only touched the lives of everyone she met but was a daughter and grandpuppy-daughter to the Craven family. Rescued by Small Dog Humane of Atlanta in January 2009, luckily Mimi escaped a dreaded puppy mill as a puppy. She was smart and spunky and loved on and spoiled her entire life by Delaine and her partner Aaron as well as family, friends and TCR of Georgia Team. Mimi welcomed in her new sister, Phoebe, a TCR alum on 2/24/2018 and the two were inseparable. Mimi showed Phoebe what love meant, how to be brave and even taught Phoebe how to perform "synchronized spinning" when it was treat and meal time. Unfortunately, at 12.5 years of age Mimi suddenly and shockingly suffered an atrial tear. Although she made it to the vet, the damage was already done and Delaine had to make the decision to help her precious little Mimi over the rainbow bridge.

This fund will specifically support aging pups that need extra care, medications and more frequent vet visits. Please consider donating to the seniors in the care of The Cavalier Rescue in Mimi's honor.

Mimi Craven

11/01/2008 - 6/2/2021