Cumming, Georgia




  • Female
  • Age:  6 (DOB 10/1/2012)
  • 28# (needs to to lose 8#)
  • Asymptomatic Murmur, possible hip dysplasia 
  • Adoption Donation: $450


MEET MOLLY 💕 Molly is a 6 year old (10/1/2012) sweetheart who just arrived into our care. 

She is though obese, weighing 28 pounds which is about 8 pounds heavier than she needs to be. She has some orthopedic issues which the weight only further exacerbates. We’ve been told that she has had both knees surgically repaired which felt good upon physical exam, but her gait indicates possible hip dysplasia so we will be taking radiographs of her hips while she is under anesthesia for her dental so we can learn more about that. We have started her on joint supplements and getting the extra weight off will likely make a world of difference.

While her ears and eyes are in good shape, she does have advanced dental disease and is in much need of a dental cleaning. All of her labwork came back negative and normal and so tomorrow she will undergo her dental. Molly is already spayed.

Tomorrow afternoon Molly will head off to her foster home in the Atlanta, Georgia area to rest and recover, start her weight loss plan, and for us to begin to get to know all about her 💜