• Male
  • Age: 8 (DOB 1/16/2012)
  • 17# (ideal weight)
  • Mild asymptomatic murmur,  spinal spondolisis from an old injuty managed with joint supplements and Galliprant
  • Adoption Donation: $300


  Fort Payne, Alabama

🏡 Someone home much of the day / low alone hours
🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard, preferred
💜 Older, gentle children okay
🐶 Mild canine companion, preferred





Precious Mowgli arrived to us as a breeder release/retiree who was finally getting his shot at freedom, love, family, and happiness at age 8 (DOB 1/16/2012). Mowgli arrived underweight, weak, stiff, and scrawny as he had spent his whole life in confinement, never getting any opportunity for activity or exercise, much less freedom. We are happy to report that after a few months of good groceries, supplements, and care, Mowgli is now strong, healthy, happy, active, and fully enjoying his freedom!

Mowgli arrived with a bad urinary tract infection which has since been treated and cleared. The rest of his intake labwork - fecal test, heartworm test, tick borne illness test, and bloodwork was all negative and normal. He underwent a neuter, much needed dental (with several extractions), and umbilical hernia repair while in our care. While under we performed radiographs of his hips due to some obvious noted stiffness. While his hips looked good, we found an old back injury likely from trauma 💔 He has an area of his spine with no disc space and where the vertebrae had fused together. Thankfully, Mowgli has never shown any signs of pain or discomfort except for a slight response when pressure is applied directly to this area. While there is nothing that can be done to "fix" this a this point, it is well managed with daily joint supplements chews and a once a day low dose of Galliprant (antiinflamamtory), both of which he should remain on for life. It does not seem to affect his mobility in any way but he should not do any jumping, like on or off furniture, and shouldn't be encouraged to do any over strenuous activity.

Like nearly all Cavaliers his age, Mowgli has an audible heart murmur, likely due to the onset of mitral valve disease. Mowgli's murmur is asymptomatic and very mild (grade 1 out of 6) and nothing further is recommended at this time but continuing to monitor it for any audible changes. His eyes, hips, and knees are clear. Mowgli is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. Mowgli is now at his ideal, healthy weight of 17 pounds. It is important for his health that his forever family be committed to keeping him at his ideal weight with strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and daily activity/ exercise. Mowgli is not an overly enthusiastic eater but is now good about finishing his meals. Sometimes he needs a yummy treats crumbled atop his food to get him enticed and going. He does need for you to stay with him while he eats or else he will leave his bowl to follow you. He has come to learn to love treats!

Even though this is the first time sweet Mowgli has ever been in a home environment, he has done well with potty training. Mowgli is let out every few hours to ensure potty training success. He uses the safe and secured fenced yard to take care of potty business. He is let out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including right after meals. He is always closely monitored when inside and supervision is certainly recommended while potty training continues. He is not comfortable in a belly band, possibly because of the closure on his back, and so he should not be in one and instead his family should be committed to continuing his potty training with frequent trips outside, lots of positive reinforcement, and close monitoring. Please know that especially while transitioning to a new home and routine, that accidents are always to be expected.

Mowgli's foster family describe him as loyal, happy, and loving - 3 amazing words to describe a dog who has spent his life in a puppy mill! His favorite things are his special person (presently his foster mom), a good chew, toys, and a comfy couch! I would say he's got this whole 'being a dog thing' down! In true Cavalier fashion, he enjoys spending much of his day being a couch potato. Because he should be discouraged to do any jumping, he uses pet steps to get up and down the couch which will be a 'must have' in his forever home up to the couch and the bed, for his safety. When he isn't on the couch, he is running around the fenced in yard, or following his humans around the house. He spends most of the day with his foster family where he very much enjoys the company and companionships of being with his people and his canine furiends. During the short periods of time when there are no humans home, Mowgli stays in a comfy crate with his Jakey Blankey. He would also do well in a safe and puppy proofed area of the home. Mowgli would not do well being left alone for long periods of time. After 8 years of not having any people, he certainly deserves as much time with them as possible to be showered with attention and love.

Mowgli is loving enjoying his freedom in the large safe and secured fenced in yard in his foster home and would love the same in his forever home. Mowgli is also getting the hang of being on a leash and would enjoy leisurely walks around the neighborhood. There are some other aspects of the home that we feel are more conducive for Mowgli, specifically in regards to his safety and back. Slippery hard wood floors can be tricky for him and so carpet or area rugs are preferred. While Mowgli can do stairs, again, hard wood floors stairs would be dangerous for him so we would ask that carpet treads be put down on the steps, or that the steps are gated off and his family be committed to carrying him up and down. Better yet, would be a home with limited steps.

Mowgli has 3 other Cavalier foster siblings in his foster home who he gets along with well, particularly enjoying their companionship during 'down time'. They can often be found all sprawled out on the couch together enjoying a good cav nap💤 Mowgli has shown 'resource guarding' tendencies in his foster home, particularly with toys. This is very common behavior for many of our puppy mill dogs who sadly have never had the opportunity to have anything of their own. They struggle to have a healthy relationship with 'things' and need close supervision and monitoring with those things when other dogs are around. This is fairly easy to manage with restricting access to toys, supervising playtime, and reinforcing good play behavior. Part of the resource guarding is that he “hoards” things to guard, and so he will collect anything left out like toys, shoes, and socks. He doesn’t destroy things, just hoards them. This means that maintaining a puppy proofed home is very important, both for his safety, and to combat his guarding.

Because of this, Mowgli would do best in a home with another dog who wouldn't 'compete' with him for toys and would happily allow him to have them during his supervised play times. He would be best matched with an older, mild Cavalier, or other dog of similar size and temperament, who will enjoy plenty of couch time with Mowgli. He would not do well with an active or overly playful dog, especially given his back injury. We also think he could be happy as an only dog, but only if he had very low alone time away from his people. Mowgli goes crazy when he sees a cat and would not live well with a feline furiend.

Although Mowgli has not had positive experiences with humans up until the time he was rescued, he will bravely meet new people and will accept gentle love and petting once he knows you are safe and good. While too many people, noises, or activity will make Mowgli nervous, he would benefit from continued gentle socialization and exposure to meeting new people in a safe, controlled environment. He has attached to his foster family, specifically to his foster mom, and it may be that he has a tendency to select one person to attach to and love most and so his forever family must be okay with that. Once he attaches, he is incredibly loving - he is quick to give kisses and hugs to his special people and loves a lap, and a belly rub too! He would thrive best in an adult only home or a home with older, gentle children who can understand both his puppy mill past and his back injury. He should be considered somewhat fragile and needs to be handled with care.

Mowgli’s pawfect family would be one that enjoys sitting on the couch with Mowgli and giving him lots of love 💕... one that is willing to watch out for his needs, especially in regards to his back and his safety, and will handle him gently. He would be happiest a part of a family where he can be with his people much of the day, have a safe and secured outdoor space to enjoy his freedom in, and a laid back, mild canine friend for companionship. His ideal home would have carpet or area rugs and limited stairs. If you feel you may be a wonderful match for Mowgli, please complete an Adoption Application found on our website, and then email is at to express your interest. Mowgli is being fostered in Fort Payne, Alabama (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $300.

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Every Cavalier is different.
We put tremendous thought and effort into determining what each dog's needs are. 
We don't settle for less than their new family meeting ALL of their stated requirements. If you don't meet all requirements stated above, please do not email us with your interest, as this Cavalier is not the right match for you. Watch for others to become available who are a great match for your family.