• Male
  • Age: 8 (DOB 1/16/2012)
  • 14.7# (goal weight 16#)
  • Mild asymptomatic murmur,  spinal spondolisis from an old injuty managed with joint supplements and Galliprant
  • Adoption Donation: $300


  Fort Payne, Alabama

Rescue always starts with a good, warm bath 🛁 Welcome in, Mowgli! Mowgli is an 8 year old breeder release finally getting his shot at freedom, love, and family 💜 He will undergo his intake vetting today in Birmingham, Alabama, and we will be sure to post a medical update when all his labwork results are in.ut him and his needs and address his medical issues. 

December 9, 2019 MEDICAL UPDATE: 

We welcomed sweet Mr. Mowgli in after he was retired and released by his breeder into our care. He will turn 8 next month (DOB 1/16/2012) and is a little man at 14 pounds, although he could benefit from a pound or two and some muscle mass. Unfortunately, living in confinement, he has not had the opportunity for regular activity and exercise and so he is stiff and weak which will improve over time.

His eyes are clear and ears were clean although his mouth is badly infected and painful from advanced dental disease. He has a mild, asymptomatic heart murmur, likely from the onset of mitral valve disease which is common for an older adult Cavalier. His fecal test was negative, heartworm and tick borne illness test was negative, and his bloodwork was normal. His urinalysis did reveal a bad urinary tract infection which he is now receiving treatment for.

Today, sweet Mowgli underwent his neuter surgery, an umbilical hernia repair, and much needed dental where he lost quite a bit of teeth. While under anesthesia we took radiographs of his back and hips due to the noted stiffness. What we found was a back injury, sadly. As you can see in the image, there is absolutely no disc space and the vertebrae have fused together. While there is nothing we can do at this point to “fix” this, we will start him on Galliprant and supplements to help. Thankfully he hasn’t shown any signs of pain except when pressure is applied directly to the area. He will have some restrictions, like no jumping, which is good practice for most Cavaliers anyway. Having had other Cavaliers with spondylosis respond so well to management (like Buddy and Harvey), we feel very good about Mowgli’s outcome despite the injury.

He did great with his surgical procedures today and will be headed up to his foster home in Fort Payne, Alabama tomorrow. He will return to the vet in 2 weeks for a recheck of his urine and surgical incisions. Mowgli is a seriously sweet boy who is so appreciative of all the love and care he is getting 💜 He has pretty much stolen all of our hearts already 💕

UPDATE December 27, 2019; Earlier this week Mr. Mowgli had a vet recheck to check on the healing of his neuter surgery and to recheck his urine following treatment for a urinary tract infection. Good news all the way around as he has healed well from surgery and got a clear urinalysis.

Mowgli spent his first “real” Christmas in his foster home in Fort Payne, Alabama surrounded by family, love ❤️, and holiday magic ✨

CELEBRATE!  Januray 16, 2020; Happy 8th Birthday to foster furkid Mowgli 🎂 We know your foster family will make your day extra special 💕