• Male
  • Age:  (DOB 2/8/2013)
  • 22#
  • Asymptomatic heart murmur, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $400


  Prosper, Texas


🏑 Someone home much of the day/ low alone hours 
🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard 
🐢 Canine companion of similar size & temperament 
πŸ’œ Gentle children okay

Last month we welcomed in sweet 6 year old (2/8/2013) breeder retiree, Nicky. The poor baby arrived super matted, stained, and filthy which gave us a glimpse into the life he had been living. We are thankful for the opportunity to help him. He is now cleaned up and handsome, healthy, and ready to continue his new life as a beloved, cherished pet in his perfect match furever home.

Nicky is missing an eye which we were told was the result of an old injury/trauma. His other eye is normal, healthy, and beautiful and so that story seems to add up. His physical exam upon intake revealed bad ear infections, dental disease, and an asymptomatic heart murmur, common for a middle aged Cavalier. His eye, hips, and knees are clear and his labwork checked out normal and negative. We treated him for ear infections, and he underwent his neuter and much needed dental resulting in the extracting of several bad teeth. Nicky is up to date on vaccinations, neutered, had a recent dental, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives.

At 22 pounds, Nicky is at his ideal weight. He is a handsome boy with a beautiful coat although there is still evidence of staining from his past life that will continue to fade or can be clipped back with time. Like most Cavaliers, he is food motivated and an enthusiastic eater. In order to maintain his healthy weight, his family should continue his strictly portioned meals and healthy, limited treats.

Nicky is doing well with his potty training especially since this is the first time that he's been in a home environment. He does best when following the lead of his Cavalier foster siblings and follows them when they go out to potty. He does not yet "tell" you that he needs to go out and so his family must take the initiative to take him out and give him plentiful opportunities to be successful - this should be first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between. Accidents are to be expected, especially until he learns his new people, environment, and routine.

Nicky's foster family describes him as loving, friendly, and calm. They report that he LOVES to cuddles and give kisses and loves to meet new people, welcoming gentle attention and affection from all who will give it. He is super sweet and very engaging. Like many Cavaliers, he is very laid back and calm. His favorite thing to do is just to hang out, chill out, and lounge around the home with his people and Cavalier foster siblings. He very much values companionship, both on the human and canine front, and is seeking a home and family where they is plenty of both.

Because Nicky is not yet comfortable enough on leash to rely on it solely for potty purposes, we are seeking a home with a safe and secured fenced yard. He loves to roam and explore around the yard and enjoy his new found freedom. During the day during times where no humans are home, Nicky stays in a puppy proof room of the house with his Cavalier foster siblings. He has not been crated in foster care and we would not recommend crating him due to his past life of confinement. At night, he sleeps on comfy dog beds with his furry furiends although we feel he would love cuddled up close to you in the big bed, if invited.

Because of his missing right eye, he can be startled if he is approached or touched from the right side so it is best to be sure that he sees you and has acknowledged you before touching. He loves to have hands on him and will 'bump' you to remind you and ask you to pet him. He likes belly rubs and has no problem rolling over for easy access! He welcomes love from everyone has have proven to do well with gentle children in his foster home. Because he has missed out on so much love, we are seeking a family who has the time to devote to him and shower him with endless attention and affection.

If you feel you are the perfect match for this sweet, handsome boy, please complete an adoption application found on our website and then email us at to express your interest. Sweet Nicky is being fostered in Prosper, Texas (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $400.