• Female
  • Age: 8  (DOB 5/23/2010)
  • 17#
  • Luxating patella, MVD managed with Benzapril and Vetmedin
  • Adoption Donations: $150


  Trussville, Alabama


Precious Nikki sold by a seller who notoriously has the sickest of sick and worst of the worst. This girl has had a very hard life... and it shows.

At 8.5 years old, this poor girl has likely been bred on every single cycle. You can tell... she is exhausted. She has received absolutely no care and most of her teeth have rotted out. The few teeth she has left are in bad shape and she desperately needs to undergo a dental. She has bad ear infections that we are treating, as well as giardia. She has bilateral grade 3 luxating patellas, a congenital issue that she likely passed down to all of her puppies, as well as arthritis. A significant heart murmur was also detected.

Our amazing cardiologist was able to fit her in for a full cardiac evaluation which she underwent yesterday. Our cardiologist was also quite alarmed by her size and perplexed by our findings thus far. While her echocardiogram did reveal her severe mitral valve insufficiency, there certainly was no fluid or signs of congestive heart failure. Images on the echocardiogram were consistent with what we saw on ultrasound which were just a couple very small, early embryonic sacs.

Nikki has started on some heart medications and the recommendation from our medical team is to move forward with her much needed dental, spay, and exploratory surgery to find out what is taking up so much volume in her abdomen. Fortunately, we found she has an enlarged uterus, which has been removed, as well as a large bladder and colon. She could also shed a few pounds too. All great news!!

It is heartbreaking and infuriating that this poor 8.5 year old was bred, once again, in the poor state and condition that she is in - not just with all the issues caused by neglect but with serious congenital issues like advanced MVD (congenital) and high grade luxating patellas (congenital).

Now, Nikki has a name, she has a Jakey Blankey,a big rescue family who loves her, high quality food, medicine, help, love, care, freedom. She has an entire medical team and rescue team 100% dedicated to restoring her to her absolute best health and self. She will have her every single need met. She is loved, valued, respected, special, and important. She will have her dignity back. Puppy mills don’t just breed puppies - they breed misery... they breed victims.