• Male
  • Age: 9   (DOB 11/20/2010)
  • 18#
  • Aymptomatic murmur, arthritis, mildly luxating left patella
  • Adoption Donation: $300


  Birmingham, Alabama

🐢 Prefers to be only dog; feline furiend okay

🌱 Fenced yard, preferred
🏑 Someone home much of the day
πŸ’œ Older, gentle children okay

Last month precious 9 year old (11/20/2010) Oliver came into our care after he was surrendered by his family by no fault of his own. Oliver came to us well cared for and up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, on monthly preventatives, and at his ideal weight of 18 pounds. Because all his labwork came back normal and negative, he underwent a dental cleaning and removal of a small cyst near his eyelid when he first arrived.

A significant heart murmur was detected at his intake vetting so he saw our wonderful cardiologist for a baseline echocardiogram. His echocardiogram revealed that like most Cavaliers his age, he has mitral valve disease (MVD). His moderately insufficient mitral valve has started to cause some changes to the structure of the heart, therefore we have started sweet Oliver on a low dose of 2 heart medications to help slow down any further progress. The cost of these medications are about $60/month. Oliver is asymptomatic, meaning he doesn't have any signs or symptoms outside of the audible murmur. It is recommended that he receive a repeat echocardiogram in 6 moths to compare to his baseline echo and in case any medications need to be adjusted. He happily takes his medications in a piece of cheese πŸ§€

Oliver is an active guy who loves his walks, car rides, hunting in the backyard, and adventures. He does have a luxating patella (loose knee) and has some arthritis setting in. We have started him on a daily joint supplement chew to help support his joints as he ages. He should be on this supplement for life, which runs about $16/month. For his joint health, he needs a family committed to helping him maintain his lean, ideal weight, and provide for him gentle activity and exercise. He gets very excited for his walks where he loves sharing this activity with his special human. It is important that he not jump on and off furniture so we would encourage his family to use pet steps and/or to give him a lift on and off things.

Oliver appears to be reliably potty trained and is even starting to let his foster mom know when he needs to be taken out. To ensure continued potty training success, his forever family should provide for him frequent opportunities outside including first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between, including right after meals. Please understand that accidents are to be expected, especially during the transitional phase until the dog learns his or her new environment and routine. Oliver loves his treats, even healthy ones like carrots πŸ₯•, and a special high value treat following good potty behavior will help to reinforce. He expects it as soon as he comes inside!

Oliver's foster mom describes him as laid back - always content to just be on the couch with you, but also always ready to get out and about on an adventure. He loves car rides and his evening neighborhood walk when the air feels a bit cooler. He really enjoys the patio and can often be found out there watching for squirrels or birds, or just enjoying the breeze. Like most Cavaliers, he prefers to stick very close to his human and the most important thing to him is time together. He would be happiest a part of a family where someone either works from home, is retired, or only works part time away from the home. He would not do well being 'put up' and alone for much of the day. During the small amount of time that his foster mom is away from the home Oliver stays in a gated off, puppy proofed area of the home with his water, toys, and a big comfy bed, where he does well. He has not been crated in foster care and we do not feel he needs that strict of confinement. At night, he sleeps in the BIG bed which he loves. His foster mom reports that he is a great snuggler and sleeps very well all night.

When Oliver came into rescue we were told that while he loooooooves humans, he doesn't love other dogs. For this reason, we selected a foster home for him where he is the only dog. He does share his foster home with a dog-friendly feline furiend who he gets along with very well. He is thriving and seems very happy in this type of environment and we are seeking the same for his forever home. We understand that other dogs trigger a lot of stress in him and that he could become 'reactive' when overly stressed. For this reason, we are seeking a family for Oliver with no other dogs and who only want 1 dog.

Oliver appears to be well socialized with people and has never met a stranger. He is happy to greet everyone with a friendly smile and wagging tail and loves to meet people when he is out and about. His foster home is a retired adult only home but we also feel he could be happy in a home with older, gentle children. We do not feel he would do well in an overly active or loud home. He needs a family with the time to devote to him both cuddles and snuggles as well as special outings and adventures. He would love a family who would include him in their travel and activities as much as possible.

Oliver is such a sweet boy who will be a wonderful addition to his perfect match family. He would love to be your sidekick - your walking buddy, traveling companion, and snuggle bug. He does need to be an only dog, although he has proven to do well with dog-friendly cats. He would love a home with a deck or patio to relax on, especially as the weather cools down, and would prefer a safe and secured fenced in yard for plenty of lizard hunting fun 🦎 He would do well in an adult only home or a quiet home with older, gentle children. His biggest need is for quality time spent with him human and so we are seeking a family where someone can be with him much of the day. Oliver is located in Birmingham, Alabama (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $300.