Dunwoody, Georgia



Our newest guy, 10 year old Palmer (DOB 1/3/2012), has undergone his full intake vetting. He came to us already up to date on vaccinations and neutered. He also came to us quite overweight weighing 32.6 pounds which we feel is about 7 pounds heavier than his ideal weight, so we have started him on strictly portioned weight management food. He is starting to have some typical aging changes with his joints and so the weight loss will greatly benefit him.
All of his labwork including fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork were normal and negative. Which is great because we do have a couple things that need to be addressed - he is in need of a dental cleaning which he is scheduled to undergo May 16th, and he has growths on both of his upper eyelids that will need to be surgically removed. After his dental, he will make a move over to Birmingham, Alabama where he will then be seen by our ophthalmologist on May 23rd to address those.
Since both of these procedures are under anesthesia and because he has an audible heart murmur, which is to be expected for a senior Cavalier, he will receive a further cardiac work up and echocardiogram and will share the results of that with you soon 💜 In the meantime, Palmer is doing fantastic in his foster home in Atlanta, Georgia where he continues to show us his big, goofy personality!





  • Male
  • Age: 10   (DOB 1/3/2013)
  • 32.6 #  (goal 25#)
  • Stage B2 MVD controlled with daily meds, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $TBA


UPDATE MAY 13, 2022: 10 year old Palmer, like nearly all Cavaliers his age, has an audible heart murmur due to mitral valve disease (MVD) 🩺 An echocardiogram is needed to 1. Determine the “stage” of the heart disease 2. For baseline purposes so that any progression of the disease can then best be monitored and 3. To determine if and when heart medications may be warranted.
Palmer, in Atlanta, Georgia, has just received his echocardiogram and was determined to be in Stage B2. Stage B2 is for asymptomatic dogs who have some evidence of changes/ remodeling/ enlargement of the heart and would at this point benefit from medication that would help to slow down any further progression of the disease. Palmer was placed in this stage because he has left atrium enlargement due to the faulty mitral valve. The right chambers of his heart are within normal limits ♥️
Therefore, we have started Palmer on two commonly used heart medications to help slow down any further progression of his mitral valve disease and he is doing well on these medications. He has now been cleared to undergo his much needed dental which he will receive on Monday. We will also be rechecking his weight at this time as he’s been working on losing a few extra pounds to ensure his best health and best self 💜

UPDATE JUNE 5, 2022: Adorable, lovable Palmer in Birmingham, Alabama is 2 weeks out from his eye surgery where two large growths were removed from his upper eyelids. Today, he returned to see his ophthalmologist for a recheck and for suture removal ✂️ . His lids have healed beautifully and his corneas are so much happier without the large growths rubbing against them and irritating them!
Palmer will have a bloodwork recheck in a couple weeks to check on a liver value that was found to be elevated on his pre-surgical labwork. We suspect it was elevated due to an anti inflammatory medication he was on following his recent dental procedure so we are hoping to see it back down when rechecked. We will be sure to let you know 💜

UPDATE AUGUST 29, 2022:   Palmer has been working on his physique and is now a svelt 24.4 pounds, which is his goal weight! Way to go sweet boy!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 14, 2022: Adorable Palmer has had a busy week kissing doctors 💋 This week he met with both his ophthalmologist 👁 and cardiologist ❤️ Earlier this summer he had large growths surgically removed from his eyelids which are now all healed up. He remains under the care of his ophthalmologist for his Immune Keratitis which is a condition that causes inflammation of his corneas. He is on a daily anti inflammatory eye drop that keeps this well managed and that he will need to be on for life. He will need to remain under the care of a veterinary ophthalmologist.
He also had his first echocardiogram recheck since his baseline echocardiogram that he received when he first came into our care and since starting heart medications for his Mitral Valve Disease (MVD). He remains in stage B2 meaning that he is asymptomatic but has significant cardiac remodeling/enlargement due to the insufficient mitral valve. And while he is at risk of heart failure, he is not currently in it. In fact, his parameters have some slight improvement since starting the medication although still in the “severe” category. 

He remains on his current 2 heart medications as well as a new one to better address his pulmonary hypertension. Palmer is due back for his next echocardiogram in January 🩺 Palmer is also due for bloodwork, as he has a history of elevated kidney values, and so he will soon be going in for that to be ran.
We know for all these reasons, as well as Palmer being 10 years old, that he isn’t the most ideal and desirable adoption candidate. If his labwork looks good, we will proceed with listing him with the understanding that if the perfect adopting family isn’t out there willing and able to meet both his cardiac and eye needs and understanding that heart failure is likely imminent, then he will remain in our care as a furever foster. Either way, Palmer’s going to be taken care of! Palmer is being fostered in Birmingham, Alabama and if you may be interested in learning more about him, then keep watch for his listing to come 💜