Birmingham, Alabama



🏑 Someone home much of day/low alone time
🌱 Safe & secure fenced yard
🐢 Canine companion of similar size & temperament
πŸ’œ Gentle, older children okay
🚘 Driving distance to vet cardiologist & ophthalmologist

πŸ›‘ If you do not check ALL of the above requirements, your application will not pass the screening process for consideration. We do not compromise on these requirements as we feel they are essential to a successful adoption with Palmer.

Precious Palmer came to us as an owner surrender after his family experienced sudden and unforeseen hardships making it difficult for them to provide the care that he needed and deserved. Palmer is 10 years old (DOB 1/3/2012) but is extremely young at heart! This sweet, silly boy is full of love and life! His medical issues are now well managed and he is seeking a family who can continue to meet his needs and give him the very best in his senior years.
Palmer came to us with many medical needs that had not been properly addressed including a significant heart murmur that warranted a cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram, a much needed dental, large growths on his eyelids needing surgical removal, and weighing in 8 pounds overweight. First and foremost, Palmermet with our cardiologist to learn more about his Mitral Valve Disease (MVD). The evaluation revealed some remodeling changes to the left side of his heart as a result of his insufficient mitral valve. Palmer doesn't have any symptoms from his heart disease and has been placed in stage B2 where treatment is recommended due to the structural changes and before the onset of any clinical symptoms to help slow down any further progression of the disease. Therefore, Palmer has started on two daily heart medications (Benazepril and Pimobendan). His echocardiogram also revealed pulmonary hypertension so he is on an additional medication (Sildenafil) to best target that. These 3 heart medications cost about $30 a month. While many Cavalier with MVD do very well on heart medications and live normal, quality lives, continued monitoring under the care of a veterinary cardiologist is imperative so that it can best be monitored and managed and so that medication can be adjusted as needed. Palmer just underwent a recheck echocardiogram and his next is due January 2023. Therefore we are requiring that his family be within reasonable driving distance to a veterinary cardiologist.
Once Palmer started his heart medications, he underwent his much needed dental, and then met with our ophthalmologist to address the growths on his upper eyelids which were rubbing and irritating his corneas. These benign growths were surgically removed and his eyelids are now all healed. During his time with our ophthalmologist it was discovered that he has Immune Keratitis which is a condition that causes inflammation of his corneas. Therefore, Palmer is on a daily anti-inflammatory drop that keeps this well managed and that he should remain on for life. The cost of this eye drop medication is about $30 a month. Because this condition should be monitored, Palmer should remain under the care of a veterinary ophthalmologist, and therefore we are requiring that his family be within reasonable driving distance of one.
Palmer came to us already neutered, and is up to date on vaccinations, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. His fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, and urinalysis are all normal and negative. His bloodwork revealed an elevated liver enzyme and since he will continue on heart medications for life, we have him on a daily liver support supplement (Denamarin) which costs about $20 a month. His bloodwork should be monitored and rechecked every 6 months. Lastly, we also have him on a daily joint supplement to help support his aging joints (Dasuquin with MSM) which costs about $10 a month. Palmer has worked hard on his weight loss and is now at his ideal weight of 24 pounds which is best for his overall health. We do believe he is deaf, which is common for senior Cavaliers, and he manages perfectly with hand signals. With all his medical needs now properly addressed, treated, and well managed, Palmer is feeling better than ever which shows in his always happy, wagging tail and pep in his step!
Palmer feels so much better being at his ideal weight of 24 pounds and his furever family must be committed to continuing his strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and daily activity to ensure he remains as his ideal weight, best health, and best self! Like most Cavaliers, Palmer is very good motivated and loves his meals and treat time - even if those treats have his medications hidden inside πŸ˜‰ He is wonderful about taking his oral medications and his eye drops.
Palmer has proven to be reliably potty trained in his foster home as long as he is given frequent opportunities outside - he is taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including right after meals to ensure success. Palmer is let out into the safe and secured fenced yard to take care of his potty business. He does not prefer to be on a leash and so we are requiring a safe and secured fenced yard in his furever home for pottying purposes and so he can continue to enjoy his outdoor freedom. Please know that even though Palmer has been reliable in his foster home, accidents are always to be expected, especially initially while he transitions to another environment and routine.
Palmer's foster family describe him as happy, sweet, and lovable. In true Cavalier fashion, he can't get enough love and attention and returns it ten fold with his wonderful snuggles, hugs, and abundance of kisses! Despite his age, he still very much has a fun and playful side - enjoying playing with toys and even pulling the occasional "puppy antics" like finding paper to shred or getting a hold of the toilet paper roll! He loves picking toys out of the toy basket and even finds "toys" outside to bring in like sticks and leaves! He is a darling, sweet, silly boy with a fantastic personality and who brings so much love and laughter into the home.
Palmer's days are leisurely and laid back starting with being let out into the yard for pottying, then in for breakfast. He then spends the rest of the day napping with his cavalier foster siblings, following his foster mom around the home, and enjoying the yard for fresh air, potty breaks, and exploration. Simply put, Palmer is wherever you are and happy to be doing whatever you are doing - he just loves being with you. While Palmer spends most of the day at home with his foster family, during short periods of time where there are no humans home, he stays with his Cavalier foster siblings in a gated off puppy proofed area of the home where he has plenty of space, comfort, and companionship. Palmer has not been crated or otherwise strictly confined while in our care and we do not recommend that he is. While Palmer does well being left for short periods of time, he is certainly happiest being with his people and so we are seeking a home where someone is able to be with him most of the day and where he will have low alone time. At night, Palmer sleeps in the big bed with his foster mom and Cavalier foster siblings. He sleeps on a cooling pad on the bed (that we will send home with him) and right in front of a floor fan as he can "run hot". He loves being in the big bed and we are seeking a family who will invite him up.
Palmer is very well socialized and is always happy to meet people, accepting gentle love and attention from all willing to give it. We haven't found him to be timid or fearful of much at all but can be overwhelmed or stressed, like many dogs, with too much activity, noise, or people. We feel he would do well in an adult only home or a home with older, gentle children who understand that he is a senior dog and who will respect his space boundaries, and know how to engage with him gently and appropriately. Palmer is leash trained but seems to prefer the outdoor freedom of a fenced yard rather than leashed walks. He enjoys car rides and tagging along with you whenever he can- he loves riding in his boosted car seat where he can sightsee and will ask that his family provide one for him so he can ride safely and comfortably.
Palmer shares his foster home with other adult Cavaliers whom he gets along with very well and very much enjoys their companionship. He becomes fast friends with them and is part of the pack! He would be happiest and do best with another adult, mild-mannered Cavalier, or other dog of similar size and temperament who would welcome Palmer in and be happy to share his people, toy basket, and big bed with. He has not had an exposure to cats while in our care so we are unsure how he would do living with a feline furiend.
Most importantly, Palmer needs a family who has the time and ability to shower him with so much love and attention and make him an included and important member of their family. Therefore, we are seeking a home where someone can be with him much of the day and provide for him plenty of opportunities for attention, interaction, lap time, and love! As well as a canine furiend of similar size and temperament for companionship, and a safe and secured fenced yard for pottying and outdoor freedom. Palmer uses a ramp or pet steps in his foster home to safely access on and off furniture which we will ask that his family provide for him. Lastly, his family should be financially able and prepared to continue the management of his medical needs, including his daily oral medications, supplements, and eye drops, and should live within reasonable driving distance to a veterinary cardiologist and ophthalmologist for his specialty care needs.
Palmer is such a fun-loving, happy, sweet boy who will be such a wonderful addition to his perfect match family. If you feel that's you, meet all of his requirements, and ready to open your heart and home to darling Palmer, please fill out an adoption application found on our website ( then email us at to express your interest. Palmer is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and travel there is required. His requested adoption donation is $200.





  • Male
  • Age: 10   (DOB 1/3/2013)
  • 24#
  • Stage B2 MVD controlled with daily meds, corneal inflamation managed with daily drops, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $200