Harvest,  Alabama

We welcomed in sweet Patty after she was recently released by her breeder, sold to a family, then surrendered into our care. Patty will turn 2 years old next month and is typical in size weighing 15 pounds.

Earlier this week she underwent her intake vetting which revealed ear infections, which she is now being treated for, and a left luxating patella. Because she has been a breeding dog living in strict confinement and denied the opportunity for any exercise or activity, she is extremely weak and atrophied. We are hopeful now that she has the opportunity to get strong, ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ and benefit from good groceries and care, that her knee will tighten up and stabilize some, like so many of our puppy mill dogsโ€™ knees do. She will head over to see our wonderful orthopedic surgeon on Thursday for him to evaluate and weigh in on it. She has started joint supplements to help as well.

Because all of her labwork was negative and normal, Patty underwent her spay surgery and dental cleaning today. She was also microchipped. She did very well and is resting and recovering ๐Ÿ’œ Patty is a cautious, timid girl because she has had little exposure to humans and this great big world outside of confinement. But already in the small amount of time we have had her, she has started to bloom ๐ŸŒบ Once she is finished with her medical needs here in Birmingham, she will travel up to Harvest, Alabama for foster care.



Peppermint Patti 

  • Female
  • Age: 2 (DOB 4/15/2018)
  • 15#
  • Luxating patella - surgery scheduled for April 23rd 
  • Adoption Donation: $600


UPDATE MARCH 17, 2020: We noticed a significant limp when sweet 2 year old Patty arrived into rescue. Her intake vetting confirmed our suspicions of a high grade medial luxating patella, meaning that her knee is slipping in and out of place which creates a lot instability, discomfort, and lameness, and can cause secondary issues like a torn CCL (the canine ACL). Patty met with our wonderful orthopedic surgeon to confirm the diagnosis and to discuss surgical repair. Because Patty is young and active, symptomatic, and is at high risk of tearing her CCL, he recommends we move forward with knee stabilization surgery.
We are going to give Patty some time to recover from her recent spay surgery and finish treatment for her ear infections, while also getting comfortable with the necessary leashing and confinement guidelines that she will need to follow post-operatively. We will be sure to keep you posted when we move forward with the surgery and have no doubt this will set Patty up for the very best long term outcome ๐Ÿ’œ

Donations towards her knee surgery are greatly appreciated!

UPDATE APRIL 15, 2020:  Happy Birthday to Peppermint Patti!

She will have knee surgery on April 23rd. We can't wait to see her 100% healthy!