• Female
  • Age 7 (DOB 9/20/2013)
  • 24# 
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption donation $450


 Harvest, Alabama

- Canine playmate and companion
- Safe and secured fenced yard
- Older, gentle children okay
- Someone home much of day/ low alone hours

Pippa is a darling, happy, healthy love bug who’s ready to find her cuddle buddy! This sweet girl came into our care after her family went through some major life changes. We know it was a very heartbreaking decision for them, and we’re thankful they trusted us to find Pippa a new home. She is now ready for adoption, and will be a sweet addition to her next family!

Intake vetting revealed that Miss Pippa is a very healthy 7-year-old (9/20/2013) girl. She is still congenitally sound with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart! Additionally, all of her lab work, including her fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork are all normal and negative. She was in need of a dental cleaning which she underwent in our care, and lost just 1 bad tooth. Pippa is now up to date on vaccinations, spayed, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. She is not on any medications and does not require any additional vetting outside of regular wellness check at this time.

Pippa is a larger Cavalier weighing her ideal weight of 24 pounds. She started out as a slow eater but is a more enthusiastic eater now that her painful, bad tooth is out. Unlike most Cavaliers she isn’t super food motivated, and she instead responds best to excited, exaggerated positive feedback like happy, excited verbal praise and gentle petting and affection. Her favorite treat though are carrots, but this well behaved girl will patiently wait her turn to get her snack. Pippa is a smart girl and quick learner, she always responds to her name, and already knows “come," “sit,” and "high 5.” She’s currently working on “stay".

In addition to her basic commands, Pippa has proven to be reliably potty trained and has not had an accident in foster care. She goes out with the other dogs first thing in the morning, then uses a pet door throughout the day to go out on her own, which it seemed she was accustomed to doing perhaps in her previous home. If her new home doesn’t have a pet door, her people should take the initiative to take her out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between, including right after meals. Although she is reliable in her foster home, please know that accidents are always to be expected, especially during the transitional phase while she learns her new routine and environment.

Pippa’s foster family describe her as "a lovely little girl that will definitely steal your heart." They say she is a happy girl whose tail never stops wagging, and that at 7 years old she is still full of energy and curiosity. She is flexible and agreeable and very much just wants to be your best friend. She’s also a BIG snuggle bug, and will be your constant companion. When she wants your undivided attention, she will get nose-to-nose to stare into your eyes.

A very social Cavalier, Pippa thrives on companionship, both human and dog. She currently shares her foster home with 4 other Cavaliers whom she gets along with very well - they all eat together, snuggle together, play together, and she seems to really enjoy their companionship. When she isn’t playing with her foster siblings, Pippa also likes to play fetch. She’s even been known to play fetch alone by tossing the ball up and chasing it! Of course, in true Cavalier fashion she also enjoys plenty of "down time" and really likes to cuddle up on the couch. Pippa would be happiest having another Cavalier, or other dog of similar size and temperament, in her forever home. She is a fairly active, playful, lively girl and would love a furry companion who could match that. Pippa has not been exposed to cats while in our care but would likely do well with a dog-friendly feline friend.

As you could probably guess, nobody is a stranger to Pippa. She’s very friendly and comfortable with everyone, especially women and children. However, she doesn’t like people ringing the doorbell or walking in front of the house. She’ll bark to alert you to come check things out! She has been around school-aged children and does well. We feel she would be happy in a home with gentle children who know how to respect her boundaries and engage with her appropriately, or would do well in an active adult only home who can provide for her plenty of opportunity for activity, play, and engagement.

Because she thrives off companionship, Pippa doesn’t like being alone, and is happiest when she can be with her people and follow you around. She is used to spending much of the day with her foster family and we’re seeking a forever family who can also be with her much of the day to give her the love, attention, and affection that she craves. During the short periods of time when no humans are home, Pippa stays in a puppy proofed area of the home with her Cavalier foster siblings with their favorite channel left on the TV. Since she is potty trained and well behaved, she does not need to be strictly confined and ask that she is not. While she does ok with you being away from the home for short periods of time, she becomes vocal and upset if you are home or near and she just cannot 'get' to you or be right with you, like if you are behind a closed door, other side of a gate, etc. At night, Pippa sleeps in the big bed where she likes sleeping near your feet, and doesn't stir much at all. We do not feel she would do well being asked to sleep apart from her people and are seeking a family who will welcome this cuddle bug into the big bed.

During the day, Pippa loves being outside in the safe and secured fenced yard. She lets herself out through the pet door and will run, play, and patrol the yard for squirrels. Unlike most Cavaliers, she doesn't even mind the rain! She spends a lot of time outside and would be happiest having a safe and secured fenced yard in her forever home where she can have that easy access to enjoy the great outdoors! We aren't sure that she has had much time on leash as she could use some more practice, but we think she will enjoy exploring new territory once she has more leash training under her belt. She does love car rides and is eager to hop into the car every chance she gets! She rides well in her booster car seat but must be attached by her harness or else she prefers to drive 😉

Pippa is a beautiful, healthy, playful, happy, lively girl who will be a wonderful addition to a lucky family. If you meet her requirements and feel like you may be a perfect match for her, please complete an adoption application found on our website (TheCavalierRescue.org), and then email us at CavalierRescueAL@gmail.com to express your interest. Pippa is located in Harvest, Alabama (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation is $450.