Planned Giving 

There is no better way to leave a legacy for animals than to include The Cavalier Rescue in your will or trust. Bequest gifts allow you to provide desperately needed protections for Cavaliers for decades to come.
To make a bequest, all you need to do is include a few key pieces of information in your planning documents.
The Cavalier Rescue
5330 Technology Lane
Birmingham, AL 35217
(Tax ID: 47-4568537
Legal.CavalierRescueAL@gmail. com
“I give and bequeath to The Cavalier Rescue, EIN # 47-4568537,
a nonprofit organization located at
5330 Technology Lane, Birmingham, AL 35217, a gift of $amount.
Planned Giving is one of the easiest ways to support your favorite charity. Many people do not realize that retirement plans, IRAs, life insurance and commercial annuities are not controlled by the terms of your will. Instead, these plans use separate beneficiary designation forms to determine how these assets are ultimately distributed.
Gifts by beneficiary designation are among the simplest gifts to make. They do not require
a visit to a lawyer, and you can change your beneficiaries at any time.
By naming the The Cavalier Rescuue (Tax ID# 47-4568537) as a beneficiary of these assets, you make
Cavalier protection a part of your enduring legacy. 

Potential Benefits of Gifts by Beneficiary Designation

       • Reduce or eliminate taxes on retirement assets
       • Reduce or avoid probate fees
       • No cost to you now to give

How to make a Beneficiary Designation
1. Contact your retirement plan administrator, insurance company, bank or financial institution, and request
a change-of-beneficiary form.
2. Decide what percentage of your retirement plans, IRAs, life insurance and/or commercial annuities
you would like to use to benefit the The Cavalier Rescuue (Tax ID# 47-4568537), and include that information on the
beneficiary form.
When you name the The Cavalier Rescue as a beneficiary, please use the following information:
The Cavalier Rescue
5330 Technology Lane
Birmingham, AL 35217
(Tax ID: 47-4568537
3. Return the completed form to your plan administrator, insurance company, bank or financial institution.
4. It is helpful to keep a copy of your designations along with your will, so that all your documentation
is in one place.
Designations can be modified at any time to meet your changing needs. Experts suggest reviewing
them every two to three years when you review your entire estate plan. Also be sure to notify the
beneficiaries, to help facilitate the efficient resolution of your estate and ensure that your beneficiaries
can claim the proceeds