Pleasant Hill, California




  • Female
  • Age:  3 (DOB 7/9/2016)
  • 19.9#
  • Healthy! 
  • Adoption Donation: $600


We sprung sweet Poppy out of a San José shelter after she was brought in “stray” and never reclaimed. It became clear early on that she had been very well cared for and loved and so we decided to “dig” further to try to piece together her story  and ensure there wasn’t a family out there looking for her.

We discovered that she had an unregistered chip that we were able to trace back to being purchased by an international breeder. We were able to make contact with the breeder who was able to identify the family who purchased the dog based on the chip number. This morning we made contact with the purchasing family who told us that they no longer owned the dog but were able to give us a name and number for the person they rehomed her to. This afternoon we spoke to this person who did turn out to be the owner but due to family hardships was not able to continue to care for the dog and a family member had actually brought her in to the shelter. They were very thankful that she ended up with us, is getting the care she needs, and will find a wonderful home and family 💜

Turns out Poppy is really Posey (but is answering to both since they were so similar so she will remain Poppy) and she just turned 3 years old last month. She is doing fantastic in her foster home in Pleasant Hill, California and will be available for adoption soon.