Birmingham,  Alabama



  • Male
  • Age: 2 (DOB 10/18/2017)
  • 24.3#
  • Healthy!! 
  • Adoption Donation: $600


🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard
💜 Older, gentle children okay
🐶 Canine playmate of similar size & temperament
🏡 Someone home much of day / low alone hours








Handsome ruby boy Prince was surrendered by his family after they felt they couldn’t give him the time and attention he needed. This playful 2 year old (DOB 10/18/2017) is ready for a second chance at a furever family.

Prince is a healthy 2 year old boy who is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. His intake vetting checked out perfect other than mild entropion of his lower eyelids - a condition in which the eyelid rolls in and can potentially cause some secondary issues. Since all of his labwork checked out normal and negative, we went ahead and surgically corrected the entropion to ensure he won’t have problems down the road. Prince is also congenitally sound at this time with clear hips, knees, and heart. He is not on any medications and does not require any additional vetting, outside of regular wellness checks, at this time.

Prince is reliable with his potty training as long as he has frequent opportunities outside. He should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between. Prince does not alert you when he needs to go out, so his new family will need to take the initiative to take him out so he has plenty of opportunities to be successful. Prince is very food motivated, so a special high value treat will really help with reinforcement. Even though Prince is reliable in his foster home, please know that accidents are to be expected, especially initially while transitioning to a new environment and routine.

Prince is a larger built boy, weighing a healthy 24 pounds, and isn’t overweight. Like most Cavaliers, Prince is very food motivated and looooves his food. He tries to sit nicely and wait for his meal, but does like to show off his dance moves before he gets his kibble! to ensure he stays at his ideal healthy weight, his family will need to continue his strictly portioned meals. He’s also very funny about ice! He only likes it if you slide it on the floor so he can play with it like a cat, then will take it to his bed to eat it.

Prince’s foster family describes him as cuddly, funny, and playful — a fabulous dog! He gets the zoomies and takes giant leaps on and off the furniture. He’s happy to play with toys by himself, but likes to play tug-of-war with one of his fur foster siblings. He’s a good sport, and will wait for her to pick up the other side of the toy so they can keep playtime going. Prince also loves a good stick, and will run through the yard to find the perfect stick to chew on. He is a playful, goofy boy, but also equally sweet and cuddly - a great combination!

When playtime is over, Prince cuddles up with his foster family and gives them kisses. His foster parents are currently working from home, so Prince spends much of the day close by them as they work. During short periods of time when there are no humans at home, Prince is happy to go into his comfy crate (after getting a cookie, of course!) but would also do well in a safe, puppy proofed area of the home. At night, Prince snuggles up in the big bed with his humans where he sleeps very well. He loves the big bed and we will be seeking a family for him who will invite him up.

Prince is enjoying ripping and roaring in the fenced yard of his foster home and would love to be able to do the same in his forever home. Bonus points if the yard has sticks! Prince is also comfortable being on leash and enjoys going on walks. Prince appears to be well socialized as he is happy to meet everyone and knows no stranger. He welcomes pets, attention, oh, and treats, from anyone who offers! He does occasionally startle from quick movements or loud noises, and also barks at thunderstorms. He’s not afraid of the storm, he just likes to give it a piece of his mind!

Prince shares his foster home with 3 other spaniels who he gets along with very well. He has found a playmate in his young, active cocker spaniel foster sister who will happily join him in a game of tug of war or chase! He may be a little "much" for a more older, more sedentary dog but would absolutely love to find a furever family with a furry playmate of similar size. We also feel we would do well in a home with older, gentle children who know how to engage with him appropriately. He would love an active family that he can participate with, but not a busy family who would lack the time for him. He has not been exposed to cats while in our care but would likely to do well with a dog-friendly feline.

Prince is a perfect companion and his foster family feels he would be a great candidate for advanced training, maybe even agility! He is healthy, young, active, and playful with all the lovey dovey Cavalier cuddle qualities. He does need plenty of opportunity and outlets for play and activity so a spacious fenced yard and furry playmate friend would be ideal for him. If you’re ready to share your heart and couch with this sweet goofball, and you meet Prince's requirements, please complete an adoption application found on our website, and then email us at to express your interest. Prince is located in Birmingham, Alabama (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $600.

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Every Cavalier is different.
We put tremendous thought and effort into determining what each dog's needs are. 
We don't settle for less than their new family meeting ALL of their stated requirements. If you don't meet all requirements stated above, please do not email us with your interest, as this Cavalier is not the right match for you. Watch for others to become available who are a great match for your family.