Prince Harry

  • Male
  • Age: 4  (DOB 3/31/2015)
  • 22#
  • Dry eyes, asymtomatic murmur, luxating patellas
  • Adoption Donation: $450


  Columbia, Tennessee

MEET PRINCE 👑 Prince is a 4 year old (3/31/2015) sweetheart who just arrived into our care. Yesterday he underwent his intake vetting and sadly Prince has multiple things going on attributing to him not feeling very well 💔

Prince had been holding his eyes tightly shut so we knew something was wrong and painful. Indeed we found that Prince has been suffering from neglected dry eye and as a result has developed a painful corneal ulceration. Both of his eyes tested ZERO on his tear test meaning that he is not producing any tears (normal is about 15). So we have started Prince on several eye medications in hopes that he responds to them well and that we can heal up that ulcer non surgically and stimulate some tear production over time. In the meantime we are administering artificial tears into his eyes around the clock for lubrication and comfort and in effort to prevent further ulceration. Sigh.

Certainly not helping are the poor, painful condition of his ears. They are so inflammed that they are nearly swollen shut. We couldn’t even get a small syringe in to be able to administer the medication. They are very hot to the touch, infected, and angry and giving him obvious discomfort. We’ve started him on both topical or oral anti inflammatories and antibiotics to help clear this up.

Prince has a mild, asymptotic heart murmur likely from the onset of mitral valve disease and also has luxating patellas - one more serious than the other. We are starting him on joint supplements and will continue to assess his knee which is thankfully not giving him any discomfort at this time.

Lastly, Prince’s testicles never ‘dropped’ and he should have been neutered when this was first known. But he wasn’t and so he will need to undergo this more extensive neuter procedure on Monday to locate his testicles in his abdomen and remove them.

Prince is pretty “shut down” which now that we are aware of all these medical issues this is likely the reason why. He just doesn’t feel good 😢. We are sooooo looking forward to treating all his ailments and hopefully seeing him perk up 🙏🏻 Can we ask for pawsitive thoughts and prayers that he responds well to the treatment we have started him on? 💜 Hang in there buddy!

UPDATE - July 4th, 2019: Well, well, look who woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning 👀 Someone must be feeling better already 💜 Good morning, Prince 👑