• Male
  • Age  6 (DOB 11/1/2014)
  • 24.2# (needs to shed a few)
  • Health 
  • Adoption donation $500


Houma, Louisiana

Welcome in, Rascal - back in 2018 we rescued Rascal off the auction block and out of the puppy mill industry and soon after he was adopted. Puppy mill dogs have very special and specific needs which is why we set each dogs’ unique and individual adoption requirements and are very strict about adhering to them. Those requirements are set to ensure a successful adoption and ensure the dog will continue to thrive.
While Rascal’s family met his requirements at adoption, unfortunately his home and family situation has since changed and the environment was no longer conducive to Rascal and his needs and he was regressing. So due to absolutely no fault of his own, he is back in our care. 6 year old Rascal is settling back into in his original foster home in Houma, Louisiana and will undergo vetting tomorrow.
When we place one of our Cavaliers we certainly hope that it is for forever, and it is rare that we have a Cavalier needing to come back into our care. That said, we are committed to our Cavaliers for life and while it can be upsetting to have a Cavalier needing to come back in to rescue, we are able to best ensure their safety, welfare, and wellbeing. Rest assured, they are welcomed back into loving arms 💕

When Rascal left our care in 2018 he was a healthy boy and after his intake vetting we were happy to find that he still is. 6 year old Rascal (DOB 11/1/2014) has a clear heart, hips, and knees. Additionally, of his labwork including his fecal test, heartworm test, bloodwork, and urinalysis were normal. His ear cytology was negative and his skin looks great. His coat was cut short prior to arriving into rescue but will grow out beautifully.

Rascal is up to date on vaccinations, already neutered, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. The only abnormality found at his vetting was a slightly lowered tear production (normal is 14, his was 10). We feel this is likely due more so from inflammation then true “dry eye” so we have started him on an anti-inflammatory eye drop and will recheck tears at the end of this week. If the anti-inflammatory doesn’t help then we will start him on a tear stimulant to help boost his production. Sweet Rascal is being fostered in Houma, Louisiana 💜 

MARCH 14, 2021: Rascal left ourThe Sunday Snuggle Cam 📷 is in Houma, Louisiana today where it caught Rascal and his foster mom 💕 Because we are a foster home based rescue, meaning we do not have a facility, all of our Cavaliers are loved and cared for in private homes and families until their perfect furever home is found. It would take all day to outline all the benefits to that but at the top of the list is definitely endless opportunities for these kind of moments 💜