• Female
  • Age: 4   (DOB 9/30/2015)
  • 21.4#
  • Mild Drye eye, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $550


  Lebanon, Missouri


Fose recently arrived into our care. She to us through a pawtnering 🐾 shelter in Missouri after being released by her breeder.  Rose was vaccinated and spayed during her shelter stay, but underwent her full intake vetting with us.

Rose just turned 4 years old on September 30th. She is larger in size at 21 pounds. Her spay incision is healing nicely. She has clear knees, hips, and heart, and mild ‘dry eye’. We have started her on a tear stimulant to help boost her tear production and artificial tears to keep her eyes adequately lubricated. We are also treating her for fleas, ear infections, and dental disease. Her labwork also came back negative and normal and she too will undergo a much needed dentalon November 1st.