• Male
  • Age  (DOB 3/18/2014)
  • 23.5#
  • Treating mulitple infections, otherwise Healthy!
  • Adoption donation $450.00


Canton, Georgia

Over the weekend we rescued almost 7 year old Ruger (DOB 3/18/2014) off the auction block and out of the puppy mill industry. He has since undergone his intake vetting where he was fully assessed. Like Winnie, Ruger has medical needs that have been neglected while the puppy millers cared nothing except his reproductive abilities.
He are now treating Ruger for ear infection and severe dental disease. The poor guy has suffered some sort of burn, perhaps chemical, and has scarring all over his back (top photo). He is also greatly suffering the effects of living on wire all of his life. His paws pads have been permanently damaged and are very inflammed and sore (bottom photo). And due to being confined all of his life he has never had any opportunity for exercise and activity and has no muscle tone. Between his paws and lack of strength he isn’t able to tolerate too much activity or time on his feet so we will be slowly progressing him.
The good news is that Ruger is still congenitally sound with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart so we intend on getting him 100% healthy. His labwork cleared him for surgery so yesterday he underwent his much needed neuter and dental where he lost 7 bad teeth that he won’t miss a bit.
Ruger has made his way to his foster home in Canton, Georgia where he is settling in and getting some much needed rest and recovery 💕 He will return to the vet in a couple weeks to ensure he is all healed from surgery and that all infections have cleared. We will be sure to keep you posted as Ruger gets back on his paws 🐾 and we begin to learn more about him- what we already is that he is definitely a trooper 🏆

UPDATE FEBRUARY 23, 2021: We recently rescued sweet 6 year old Winnie and handsome 7 year old Ruger off the auction block and out of the puppy mill industry. 2 weeks ago they underwent their intake vetting and surgeries and yesterday they returned to the vet to check on their healing and ensure their infections were improving.
Both have healed well from their spay and neuters and dentals. Their severe ear infections have much improved although cytology still shows some yeast so both of their ears are being retreated to kick the rest to the curb. Ruger’s urine abnormalities from intake have now completely resolved. 
Ruger’s paws took a beating from living on wire all of his life and has what so many of our puppy mill dogs have - the gift that keeps on giving - interdigital cysts. These are cysts that will pop up in between the toes/digits and will eventually rupture and then heal. These are chronic but will be much less frequent over time now that his environment has drastically changed and improved. He has one now that is in the healing phase.
Both are doing fantastic in their foster homes - Winnie in Peachtree City, Georgia, and Ruger in Canton, Georgia where they are learning and loving living in a home environment and being a part of a family - how quickly their little lives have changed! 💜

UPDATE MARCH 1, 2021: Now that Ruger’s neuter incision is all healed up, he was ready for a spa day 🛁 His hooman foster sister was up for the job 💕a