Birmingham, Alabama



  • Female
  • Age: 5 (DOB 6/15/2015)
  • 14#
  • Dry eyes, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $500


MEET SABLE ๐Ÿ’œ Sable is a breeder release who will turn 5 years old on June 15th. She underwent her intake vetting in Birmingham, Alabama earlier this week. Much like Goldie, Sable arrived with very painful eyes that she kept tightly shut. It was no surprise to us that her tear test was 0, meaning she is not producing any tears. Left untreated and neglected this has caused secondary infection, inflammation, scarring, ulceration, and a whole lot of discomfort ๐Ÿ’” We have started her on antibiotic and anti inflammatory drops as well as a tear stimulant to help stimulate and boost her tear production. We are also using an artificial tear / eye lubricant around the clock to keep her eyes lubricated and comfortable.

The extreme chronic dryness has also caused a deep and painful corneal ulceration which we are treating with medication but unsure if it will be able to heal without a keratectomy procedure (removing corneal layers). In case this is needed, we are keeping her close to our ophthalmologist.

Sable also arrived with terrible ear infections and we have packed her ears with an antibiotic, antifungal, and anti inflammatory combination. The rest of her physical exam checked out well and at 5 years old her hips, knees, and heart are clear and congenitally sound.

Thankfully all of Sableโ€™s labwork was negative and normal including her fecal test, urinalysis, heartworm test, tick borne illness test, and bloodwork, and so she underwent her spay surgery and dental cleaning yesterday. She is now resting and recovering in her foster home in Birmingham, Alabama ๐Ÿก

Sable is a tiny girl at 14 pounds and we think she is going to have plenty of curls now that her coat has the chance to be healthy and beautiful. Sable is THE definitely of snuggle bug ๐Ÿ› She is extremely friendly, social, and trusting and is eager to give hugs and kisses to all who will receive them. She is not shy about crawling into your lap or wrapping her paws around you ๐Ÿ’•

UPDATE June 11, 2020: Sweet 5 year old Sable had a vet recheck. Itโ€™s been 2 weeks since she underwent her intake vetting, spay surgery, and dental. She has healed and recovered perfectly from her procedures and the bad ear infections that she arrived with are now treated and clear ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป As you can see though, her poor eyes are still giving her problems. Sable has severe dry eye meaning she does not produce an adequate amount of tears - in fact, Sable isnโ€™t producing ANY tears. Although itโ€™s only been 2 weeks on the tear stimulant, we were hoping to see even the smallest sliver of improvement but her tear tests are still at 0. These things do take time but next week she will meet with our wonderful ophthalmologist to be sure we are doing everything we can for her. Her foster mom is lubricating her eyes around the clock to keep her as comfortable as possible ๐Ÿ’œ We will be sure to keep you posted on her progress.