Mango, & Kiwi

  • Samantha (Female ) Mnago & Kiwi (Males)
  • Age:   DOB 8/18/2019
  • Weight TBA
  • Health TBA
  • Adoption Donation: tba


  Ider, Alabama

We will provide updates here and on our pages as these sweet Angels grow. Please understand that these puppies are extremely “touch and go” and precisely why it is not appropriate to discuss adoption at this time. Please refrain from contact us with your interest. Thanks for understanding.


Update August 18, 2019: Radiographs have confirmed that labor and delivery is over. We thankfully have just one seemingly healthy ruby girl and a very happy mom 💜 Meet Samantha, born 8/18/2019 and weighing 7.4 ounces 🎀 


Update August 20, 2019:

Yesterday we got a call from a breeder that we have worked with before asking if we would take three 1 day old puppies. The mom wasn’t producing enough milk and the breeder didn’t care to supplement their feedings.

Unfortunately she would not relinquish mom and the other littermates but these 3 stood no chance without our help. Meanwhile, Bessie was nursing her 1 day old pup (Samantha 🎀) and had plenty of milk to share. We were prepared to strictly bottle feed the new pups to not put an additional strain on Bessie, but she accepted them and took right to them right away. Foster mom is doing additional bottle feedings for the newbies to try to fatten them up as they nearly half the size of Samantha.

Sweet Bessie is doing fantastic and getting plenty of breaks where she is enjoying running around outside with the other adult dogs in her foster home 💜 All is well in the maternity ward 🍼


Update August 23, 2019:

Sad news to report this morning 💔At 4 days old, the tiniest Blenheim boy passed away late last night. Bessie knew that something was wrong and despite our best efforts, we were not able to save him. We take comfort in knowing that in the short 3 days he was with us he knew love and had the comfort and care of a furry mom, a foster mom, siblings, and love and support from the entire Cavalier Rescue family and community 💜 Rest peacefully, sweet boy 🌈


Update August 28, 2019:

Bessie’s bunch is now 10 days old. Their eyes are still closed but they will likely begin to open this weekend, and their ears soon after. While they cannot yet see or hear, they are sensitive to touch. They also are not able to regulate their own body temperature so Bessie is doing a fabulous job keeping them warm 💕
Big thanks to our volunteer April, who is also an amazing photographer, for photographing mom and pups today. We can’t wait to share more with you!