• Male
  • Age:  10
  • 17.6#
  • Dry eye, significant heart murmur pending cardiac evaluation
  • Adoption donation $TBA


  Bimingham, Alabama

Sweet and handsome 10 year old Samson was recently retired and released from a Missouri puppy mill. Earlier this week he had his intake vetting where we learned, to no surprise, that he is suffering with many medical issues stemming from both neglect as well as poor congenital health.

Samson has “dry eye”, meaning he does not produce enough tears. Sadly, this has been neglected for so long and has caused painful secondary issues for him including eye infections, an eye ulcer, and pigmentary keratitis. We have started treatment for the ulcer and infections as well as a tear stimulant to help boost his tear production and an eye lubricant being administered several times a day to keep his eyes comfortable and adequately lubricated in the meantime. We are also treating Samson for bad ear infections.
A significant heart murmur was detected likely due to mitral valve insufficiency / mitral valve disease (MVD). Remember, MVD and “dry eye” are both congenital issues that Samson has passed down to an astronomical amount of puppies that he has produced over the past 10 years in a puppy mill. He will need to see our veterinary cardiologist for a full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram which he will undergo in a few weeks.

Thankfully all of Samson’s labwork checked out great - negative fecal, negative heartworm and tick borne illness, normal urinalysis, and normal bloodwork - so he was cleared for his much needed dental and neuter surgery which he underwent on Wednesday.

Sweet Samson is now in his foster home in Birmingham, Alabama resting and recovering and receiving much needed treatment and TLC 💜 He will head back into the vet for a recheck in 10 days to check on his ears and eyes. We will be sure to keep you posted on his progress!

Samson, King of the Couch 👑 (where all Cavaliers rule!) 💜