Hoover, Alabama                            





  • Female
  • Age: 10  (7/23/2012) 
  • 17.5#
  • Health TBA
  • Adoption Donation: $TBA




Welcome in, Sandy! Darling 10 year old Sandy (DOB 7/23/2012) found herself dumped in a shelter by her family (who we understand were breeders and not breeding anymore). Thankfully the shelter knew she could be best served and placed by a breed specific rescue and allowed us to spring her out and welcome her into our program. She just finished her intake vetting and we will be sure to share her medical report soon! Sweet Sandy is being fostered in Hoover, Alabama 💜

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15. 2022: We recently welcomed in sweet Sandy after her owners, who we understand were breeders and no longer breeding, dumped her at a shelter and we sprung her out. 18 pound Sandy is 10 years old (DOB 7/23/2012) and comes to us up to date on vaccinations and spayed. She also came to us completed matted and stained and required multiple baths 🛁 and careful grooming to try to preserve as much as her beautiful fur as possible ✂️
Per records that came with her, there was a recent note indicating she could have elevated eye pressure and so this earned her a move to Birmingham, Alabama to see our ophthalmologist. While we found that her intraocular pressures were thankfully normal, we did make a big, unexpected discovery- it turns out that she has no vision in her left eye. This is due to a congenital issue where her optic nerve never fully developed (optic nerve hypoplasia) meaning she has never had vision in this eye. We also checked out her right eye optic nerve which is thankfully normal as was the rest of her right eye assessment. 

While no action needs to be taken with her left eye, this information is important to know as it’s super important that her right eye, her only functioning eye, remain healthy and well taken care of.
Sandy’s bloodwork and urinalysis was normal and fecal test and heartworm test was negative, but her tick borne illness test returned a “positive” result for Ehrlichia. This test does not differentiate between exposure and infection and so we have sent off additional testing to try to determine if she requires treatment for this tick borne disease.
Underneath her (once) heavily matted ears, Sandy has infected ears which we are treating. She also has an audible heart murmur which is sadly to be expected for a cavalier of her age. We will ask that her adopting family get her a baseline echocardiogram with a veterinary cardiologist. Her knees and hips are clear.
Sweet Sandy is settling in well to her foster home in Birmingham, Alabama. She’s a very loving and friendly girl who is soaking up all the attention and love she can get 💕 We will be sure to let you know the results of her Ehrlichia titer once we have those results back.


UPDATE SEPTEMBER 23, 2022: Good news to report on sweet Sandy in Birmingham, Alabama 💚 Sandy tested positive for Ehrlichia, a tick-borne illness, on her intake Accuplex testing which doesn’t differentiate between exposure and infection. We ran further testing to help determine if she has a current active infection needing to be treated, and thankfully she does not. Therefore, we are able to proceed with her much needed dental which is scheduled for October 3rd ✔️