Paso Robles, California                            





  • Female
  • Age: 7  (9/29/2015) 
  • 19#
  • Dry eyes unter treament, otherwise healthy
  • Adoption Donation: $TBA


Welcome in, Sassy! Sassy is a sweet 7 year old girl (DOB 9/29/2015) who comes to us as a part of a breeder “downsize”. We’re so happy for her to now have the opportunity to have a home and family of her own! 💕
Sassy is being fostered in Paso Robles, California is and is undergoing her intake vetting today. We will be sure to share a medical update when all her labwork results are in 💜 


UPDATE DECEMBER 20, 2022: Sweet 7 year old Sassy (DOB 9/29/2015) in Paso Robles, California underwent her intake vetting yesterday and we received all her labwork results today.

Sassy came to us as a breeder release and her vetting certainly reveals evidence of neglect. In fact, when we asked for vet records we were told she had never seen a vet 💔 The good news is that everything is easily treatable and we will have this precious girl treated and good as ‘new’ in no time!
We are treating 19 pound Sassy for ear infections, eye infections, and whipworms. Her bloodwork revealed mild anemia, likely from the intestinal parasites. Otherwise, her heartworm and tick borne illness test was negative, urinalysis was normal, and the rest of her bloodwork normal. Her knees, hips, and heart are still clear and congenitally sound.
Sassy will soon undergo her spay surgery and more rechecks to ensure those infections and parasites have all been effectively treated. In the meantime, she’s making herself right at home in her foster home. Her foster mom calls her an absolute love 🥰

UPDATE DECEMBER 24, 2022: All is calm 💤 and all is bright ✨at Sassy’s foster home in Paso Robles, California ❤️

UPDATE JANURAY 20, 2023: Sweet Sassy in Paso Robles, California is resting up today after undergoing her spay surgery yesterday 💕 We also rechecked her eyes and ears which are now all clear and she received a negative fecal test after being treated for whipworms ✅ 7 year old 19 pound Sassy is now healthy and medically cleared - she’s up to date on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. Her knees, hips, and heart are clear and congenitally sound. She does have allergies which are being managed with a daily anti-histamine and seasonal cytopoint injections.
Once she has healed up from her surgery we will be working with her foster family to list her for adoption 💜 ❤️